So, please read parts one, two, and three before reading this post, part four.

What we have experienced and are experiencing is the progressive closing of America to its openness to God. America wanted to experience ‘new ideas and new ways.’ As we look back our acceptance of the “new morality” was just another step in the rejection of God. The worshipping and our relationship to God Which was our source of joy, happiness, virtue, and freedom; was now viewed as a hindrance, a restraint and oppression. Over the cliff we went as a nation.

Looking back, the Jews had cast out Baal from their world. Upon the arrival of ‘the gospel’, the same thing happened in Western civilization. Baal was working overtime to cast God out of America. As had been done to the ‘gods’ in ancient times, the same would be done in America in the West, in casting ‘God’ out.

This casting God out of America has continued into the twenty-first century. God has been driven out of government, out of the public square, movie theaters, television sets, out of the arts, out of ethics, out of hearts, out of minds, and out of lives. Ref: J. Cahn, THE RETURN OF THE GODS, PGS 47- 48.

For example, let’s look at our current government situation. Our government is now so corrupt that no one can be trusted. For instance look at ‘the January 6th committee’ against Donald Trump. Now that the republicans have gained power in the Congress, there is no more January 6th committee. So what do the democrats do ? through Attorney General Garland, they set up a new council to investigate Donald Trump, yet again. I was telling my neighbor just the other day that my concern, was that “We The People” will continue to be lost in the charade that is our government. I also commented to him that the only thing we could look forward to, is the continued darkness of the human heart ; the greed, corruption, vanity, etc. We in America are as rotten as Rome was, and will more than likely have the same end if we don’t change. Comments by Frankie The Earthman.

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THE DOORS SLOWLY OPENED IN AMERICA, WELCOMING lesser gods…namely Baal. Please read Parts one and two prior to this post, part three. We need to take small biyes of this subject matter.

Through America’s turning away from God, our hedge of godly protection has slowly eroded. Scriptures supporting moral and ethical conduct have been kicked to the curb. Monotheism and God’s word were and are no longer honored. Doors that were closed to lesser gods were now reopened.

Baal had always battled against other gods, Study Canaanite mythology for more information and insight. Baal conflicted with the God of Israel and His people. These wars involve, morality, spirituality, politics, and culture.

So in twentieth century America, the return of Baal would bring about a cultural, civilizational, and spiritual collision. It would at times be described as a “culture war”, but it was much deeper than culture. The conflict was ultimately spiritual, that of Baal against God — the rematch of an ancient battle. Ref: J. Cahn & THE RETURN OF THE GODS, PG. 47. Frankie The Earthman.

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Are ancient parables indicative of what is taking place today in America and Western civilization?

A Christian America?, Part Two

When the gospel entered Western civilization, the gods departed. The lesser gods left the house. Monotheism and the Word ( the two hedges against the gods) were ascending over paganism. But as prophesied, if these things should be weakened or removed the departed spirits and ancient gods would return. America exchanged her God for Baal, a lesser god.

Who is Baal? Baal was Lord of rains and fertility, he represented increase, gain, and profit. Baal was believed to provide abundance to one’s fields and vineyards. The Old Testament is full of stories as Baal was called upon to challenge the God of Israel, YHWH. Frankie The Earthman. This post was inspired by Jonathan Cahn’s book– THE RETURN OF THE GODS, subject matter from Chapter eleven, pg 47.

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A LOOK BACK, Part One.

America did away with the safeguards of God’s Word and law. Study the ancient history of Israel for more information. Over time since the sixties, America removed God from our society and opened the door for other gods to come in.

The ten commandments were removed from public view. One of the commandments is against worshiping other gods, having removed the laws, the door was open to our decline. The commandment concerning sexual immorality had been removed. America opened its doors and could indulge in all the commandments had warned against.

Now America was not observing any absolute standards, little did we know the ‘fall’ that would result. The bridge had been destroyed, and we plunged into the dominion of the lesser gods. God’s word and prayer was no longer a concern of the media and culture, the ways of God were no longer proclaimed in the public square.

The influence of Baal Was covering America like a blanket. Part two coming soon. Frankie The Earthman.

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A black fly in your Chardonnay, a death row pardon two minutes to late, it’s like rain on your wedding day … Alanis Morrisette.

Surprise, surprise, Sargent Carter, The ironic thing is: “All Joe Biden had to do when he took office was NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Donald Trump had everything set up for success in this country. Joe Biden and his administration were so full of hate for Donald Trump and his success, that they couldn’t resist tearing the country down. Joe’s main accomplices were Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer a host of others.

The hatred of Joe Biden kind of reminds me of the hatred of Satan towards God. It is said that God made Satan after “the perfect pattern.” (Not that creepy that Joe has a gram of perfection in him). Joe like Satan could not be happy in his position, because of his hatred of the one above him. ( And let me say this now, Joe Biden could not hold the lamp for Donald Trump to shine in.) Joe could not be happy without trying to destroy HIS superior, Donald Trump.) ISN’T IT IRONIC HOW POWERFUL JEALOUSY AND HATRED CAN BE?

Nancy Pelosi … done … BON VOYAGE, SEE YA LATER, (BUGS BUNNY )


We don’t necessarily have to worry about the threat from China. We don’t have to worry about Iran, North Korea or Russia. We have the Biden administration doing a pretty damn good job of destroying America. If people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Biden’s, and many in the Congress and Senate had their way, we would already handcuffed the leadership of a despot.

So we need not look across the oceans, we need to look to our own ignorant selfish hearts, and the hearts of those in the Congress, Senate, and the White House to find the greed, deception, and corruption that will surely bring us down if not changed.

Our election system is still corrupt and failing. Just look at Arizona, Pennsylvania, and the rest of the mess. How anybody with 1/10 of a brain could vote for somebody like John Fetterman is beyond my mortal comprehension.

Who gives a damn about climate change, who are we saving the climate for? … America is spiritually on her death bed. I don’t know why I bother writing. Frankie The Earthman.

Symbolic of Biden’s ruin of America, but by God, we better save the planet, what, and who for?


I am moved to the degree that I must pass on this revelation knowledge. This post will be a verbatim sharing. It is quite possibly one of the best and most important things I have ever read, and I hope you find it to be also. The subject matter is simple but very deep. Please refer to MICHAEL HEISER’S– THE UNSEEN REALM. PGS 171- 173 in Chapter 22.


Yahweh is an elohim, not a mortal man. Appearing as a human being was a condescension that enabled the lesser minds of mortals to comprehend his presence — and live to tell about it. Yahweh is so “other” as to be incomprehensible without the facade of something familiar. And yet for Israel, his “otherness” would need to remain an ever – present reality sensed at all times.

The concept of otherness was at the core of Israelite identity. Otherness is the core of holiness. The Hebrew vocabulary for holiness means to be “set apart or to be distinct.” While the idea has a moral dimension related to conduct, it is not intrinsically about morality. It is about distinction. Israel’s identification with Yahweh by virtue of his covenant with Abraham and the terms of the covenant at Sinai meant that, as Leviticus 19:2 concisely summarizes, Israelites were to be set apart ( “holy” ) as Yahweh was set apart ( “holy”). Consider the Hebrew word qadosh — Set apart in the sense described in various lexicons : “withheld from ordinary use, treated with special care, belonging to the sanctuary … dedicate[d] for use by God.”

Yahweh’s complete otherness was reinforced in the minds of Israelites through worship and sacrifice. Yahweh was not only the source of Israel’s life — he was life. Yahweh ( YHWH ) was complete in his perfections. Yahweh was not of earth, a place where there is death, disease, and imperfection. His realm is supernatural; Ours is terrestrial. The space he occupies is sacred and made otherworldly by his presence. The space we occupy is “profane” or ordinary. Yahweh is the antithesis of ordinary. Humans must be invited and purified to occupy the same space.

Many laws in the Torah illustrate this world view and it’s messaging. Whether priest or not, male or female, people could be disqualified from sacred space by a variety of activities and conditions. Examples include sexual activity, bodily emissions, physical handicaps, contact with a dead body, and childbirth.

The logic of such exclusions is simple, yet foreign to our modern clinical minds. Sexual intercourse, emission of sexual fluids, uterine discharges, and menstruation were not considered unclean out of prudishness. Rather, the concept was that the body had lost the fluids that contain, create, and sustain life. That which is not whole and is associated with loss of life cannot enter Yahweh’s presence until ritual restoration rectified that status. The same reasoning is behind the ritually unclean status of those with physical handicaps, infected with disease, and who have touched a corpse, animal or human. Yahweh’s presence meant life and perfection, not death and defectiveness. These laws kept the community conscious of Yahweh’s otherness.

Regulations governing the sanctity of Yahweh’s dwelling provided concrete object lessons about realm distinction. The ground that that dwelling encompassed was sacred space in relationship to the people of Israel. The separateness of the divine realm was reinforced by the laws that allowed or disallowed proximity to Yahweh. These permissions or prohibitions even extended to inanimate objects associated with Yahweh and his service.

Even within sacred space, there were gradations of holiness or sanctity. The closer one got to Yahweh’s presence, the more holy the ground or the object in his proximity. The terms that describe the layout of the structure are evidence of this progression. From the entrance inward there was the court the holy place and the “most holy place” ( “holy of holes” ). The sacred space of the tabernacle got progressively more holy from the entrance to the innermost room.

The progressive “holiness zones” were also distinguished by the priestly clothing associated with them (Exodus 28-29). For example, the high priest, the person with permitted access to the holiest place, wore a unique ephod, breastplate, and headdress inscribed with “holy to Yahweh.” The holier the zone, the more costly the animal sacrificed to sanctify the priests when they entered into the presence of Yahweh for rituals (Leviticus 8)

Having laid this out for us all to see; it gives us a better understanding of how humans must continue to seek after “*The Marvel that God truly is.” *Quote by Frankie.

By the way, when Christ willingly gave his life on the cross, all of the rules and regulations and the sacrificial system of the ancient days was fulfilled. Christ was the fulfillment of the law. He who was perfect and knew no sin, became sin for us, out of love.

As I continue with my life And studies, I am amazed at how quickly, ( Americans in particular) discard God. Many do this without having ever read the Old or New Testaments. I just don’t understand, ( Yet, I do ) how people blame God for everything under the sun, without having any solid knowledge of how he operates and who he is. Figuring out who God is involves dedication and seeking truth and wisdom. Our culture today has an attention span of about 10 seconds. We need to put our phones away, our social activity on hold and do some deep studying, IMHO. If you don’t want to know what’s happening in this world, then sleep on sweet Charlotte. God’s plan will be fulfilled with or without you or me. I would say to everyone, “Get over yourself and your selfishness, God doesn’t like ugly.” Frankie The Earthman.

Legs of iron.


What are the realms, the realities in which you live? ( more later in this post)

Let’s look at Abraham’s descendants, “Yahweh and His portion.” To initiate a covenant relationship, God chose to appear to Abraham in a visible human form. The covenant relationship was continued with Isaac and Jacob. God chose to deliver Israel from Egypt.

Israel existed through God’s supernatural intervention in the birth of Isaac. Yahweh wanted a people on earth to carry out His plan by His power. ( Remember, God disinherited the nations at Babel, Israel was His portion.)

The “lesser elohim” ( Read Psalm 82, ESV ) God had put in charge over Egypt could not prevent His will. God’s goal of making the earth a new Eden will not be overturned.

Prior to God intervening in Israel’s exodus from Egypt, the descendants of Jacob knew Yahweh only by oral storytelling and reputation. Then they found themselves standing at God’s mountain ready to begin a new journey, where they received the law. This was only the beginning as they journeyed to the land God had planned for them.

God was teaching Israel what it meant to be His portion. He was teaching them to be separate from the gods and the nations who stood ready to oppose them. This brings us to the concept of “Realm Distinction” and how it is fundamental to the supernatural worldview of ancient Israel continuing up until today and in the future.

America needs to look back at her foundation. What realm does America want to live in? Does America want to live in the realm of thinking she is above the hand and judgment of God? Our country has fallen away from our original true love, our dedication to God. We are following the same cycle that Israel has been in since the beginning : The cycle of drawing close to God through repentance revival and healing and then falling away once we get all of our needs met. America became a superpower but has forgotten God. I sincerely believe we are currently in a period of judgment. How far these judgments will go depends on our attitude towards God. Politicians and the American government are not gonna be able to return this nation to God. Sometimes God does things and acts, just to protect His Holy name. America is currently at the crossroads, let’s see how it will go. We need to decide collectively and individually which realm we want to live in; this current realm of deception, death, and destruction through ungodliness, or get back to the spirit of life which comes only from God.

This post was inspired by themes in Michael Heiser’s book, THE UNSEEN REALM. Development of his content and my experience are added. Frankie The Earthman.

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Some background first: Looking at the Sinai covenant, we see Yahweh’s will for what He wanted Israel to be. God wanted Israel to be holy and an example to the other ( disinherited) nations. (Lev 19:2) This was all part of God’s original Edenic purpose in spreading His kingdom rule throughout all the nations.

Being God’s chosen people and nation was ‘meant to be’ how Israel would draw all nations back to Yahweh, Deuteronomy 4: 6-8 and 28:9-10. This is why Israel was called a “kingdom of priests.” Israel was intended to be a “light to all nations.” Isa 42:6.

We need to understand that the nation of Israel inherited the status and duty of Abraham; that through him and “them” all nations would be blessed (Genesis 12:3).

Concerning The Law And Salvation: Did, and does salvation come by obeying rules? In the Old Testament salvation meant to love Yahweh alone. It also meant to believe that Yahweh was the God of gods. The nation of Israel was to understand that God had chosen a covenant with Israel to the detriment of all other nations. This is a perfect example of the “exclusiveness” exercised by God concerning “those that believe in those who don’t.” ( One insight into why Christianity and God are hated so much in this world is because of this exclusiveness; Our current culture in the world and society demands that all be included and everyone be the same same. This does not hold water with God.) One problem that mankind does not seem to be able to overcome is the acknowledgment that there is a creator God and we are the created. We have a problem with our role in this universe. We think we can be gods, well, I’m here to tell you that we can’t.

God demands love and loyalty. And please don’t sit there in your “smug little self-righteous world” and condemn God for the rules that He has made. He has every right because He allows you to live on His earth and gave you your life, we need to learn how to be respectful.

Let’s look at a study of King David and a deep insight into how God thinks. King David was guilty of the most horrible of crimes against humanity in the incident with Bathsheba and Uriah the Hittite. (2 Samuel). He had violated the law and was deserving of death. Having said this, David‘s belief in Yahweh as the one true God never faltered. God was merciful and spared him from death, though his sin had consequences for the rest of his life. “The main point is that David never worshipped another God.

Now, consider this (a deep insight): Look at the other kings of Israel and Judah that were tossed aside and both kingdoms sent into exile because they worshipped other gods. Here is a big insight: “Personal failure, even the worst kind, (like King David) did not send the nation into exile, choosing other gods did.”

This same is true in the New Testament. Believing the gospel that Yahweh, the God of Israel, came to earth incarnated as a man, He voluntary gave His life on the cross as a sacrifice for our sin, and rose again on the 3rd day. This is the content of our faith on this side of the cross. Our believing loyalty is demonstrated by our obedience to the law of Christ. (1 Cor 9:21, Galatians 6: 2) Ref: Michael Heiser, THE UNSEEN REALM, PG 170.

Finally, understand that politicians cannot and will not save America. However, we do have a right and an obligation to vote for the people we deem best for our country’s success and future. Our main problem in America is that we have worshipped other gods. We have elevated *abortion, ( *which God views as murdering babies) to the point that some want to codify it.

I believe we are in a period of judgment in America. I don’t think God is going to lift His hand of judgment until there is personal and national repentance, revival, and healing. We need to return to our first love in the founding of this country. We need to invite God back into the classrooms of our schools for starters. We need the churches to grow a backbone and deal with the pressing issues of the day. We need the churches to identify and deal with the LGBTQ+ community, and other issues, we need some fire-and-brimstone preaching.

Final point: I hope you have gleaned from this blog post that God loves us. He is grieved when we sin. I believe that as He dealt with king David he deals with us. He is willing to forgive us our sins if we confess them. The bigger issue with God is that we have loyalty to Him and do not worship other gods. Frankie The Earthman. Note: This post was inspired by the work of Michael Heiser and his book THE UNSEEN REALM. I have paraphrased some of his words and added my own words which come from my studies and experience. Michael Heiser is a scholar in the Hebrew language. Someone once said “Studying Hebrew is like holding up a magnifying glass to the scriptures.” My post intends to share “revelation knowledge”, giving God and his servants all the credit and praise.

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Father and son, two cowboys talkin’ around the campfire, the father sez, ” It doesn’t make any sense to find something, someone you love so much just to lose them.” Son says, “It makes you wonder, what’s the point of it all?” YELLOWSTONE — KEVIN COSTNER.

“I look for something in everything, everyone, I don’t want to miss anything.” Frankie. ” I see the butt of a cowboy, and two legs.” What do you see?