There are some in America that believe if America does not tolerate it’s own demise or overthrow at the hands of Marxist ideologues and movements, it cannot be said to be truly tolerant. Reference pgs 84 – 85 of AMERICAN MARXISM: Mark R. Levin, quoting Herbert Marcuse.

Therefore, Marcuse insists that society is not truly tolerant if it does not sow the seeds of its own demise by Marxist revolutionaries. Digest that for awhile.

My comments: Think about the above statement , and how sick and twisted it is, yet many in America believe this. This is how far down the toilet our educational system and the Communist / Marxist indoctrination efforts have developed and warped so many.

Friends, why do we wonder what happened and is continuing to grow like a Cancer in our Government, Churches, Military, Social Media, and society at large? WAKE UP! Frankie The Earthman.

America “The Beautiful” is fading. We have seen the enemy, and he is us.


America is being duped again. Read and listen very carefully.

Tolerance is a ploy instituted by the powerful and conniving forces of the bourgeoisie ( those in power) against the unsuspecting proletariat ( working class) in which the masses are duped and programmed to support their oppressors. In short, tolerance is used to suppress the people.

“The conclusion reached is that the realization of the objective of tolerance would call for intolerance toward prevailing policies, attitudes, opinions, and the extension of tolerance to policies, attitudes, and opinions, which are outlawed or suppressed.” Quote from Herbert Marcuse in his 1965 paper, “Repressive Tolerance” cited by Mark Levin pg 82 — in his book AMERICAN MARXISM.

My comments: Apply this to our post-modern society ( no “absolute truths” being observed, which has brought on all this chaos in the world) and culture. We were duped by the Clintons, the Bushes, and we were further duped by Barack Obama and now Joe Biden. They sell themselves as the great uniters when in fact they are the great divider/ destroyers. Joe Biden has not done one thing for the cause of America to advance ‘her’ position in the world. We are bowing down to Russia and China and will do also with North Korea, Iran, and God knows who else. If you look around, I’m sure you will see the manifestation of the Communist Manifesto approaching full force. Frankie The Earthman. TIME TO WAKE UP!

As I drive down the mountainside in Chester Gap, Va) beauty waits for me.

Joe “The Bitch ” Biden


A large portion of Americans insist on killing babies … Apparently, it’s OK with the radical (freedom of choice left) to kill a baby up to 2 or 3 years old, after all, it is the woman’s choice, and it doesn’t end during the pregnancy; it continues into and after the child is born … Do you think God winks at this? God judged Israel, He is judging Americs … Tribulation coming. WAKE UP!

Trees have ears, do you?


When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse out of the corner of my eye, I turned to look but it was gone ... I cannot put my finger on it now, the child is grown, the dream is gone… I have become comfortably dumb...

Title altered, from Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb ... Frankie The Earthman, this is a landmark 1700th post, about 1000 in the last four and a half years...

The child is grown, the dream is gone, yearning for my “long home”


I awoke this morning, love laid me down by a river, drifting I turned on upstream, bound for my forgive, in the giving of my eyes to see your face, the sound did silence me leaving no trace, I beg to leave to hear your wonderful stories, beg to hear your wonderful stories, he spoke of lands not far, or lands they were in his mind, of fusion, captured high, where reason captured his time, in no time at all he took me to the gate, in haste I quickly checked the time, if I was late I had to leave to hear your wonderful stories, had to hear your wonderful stories, hearing, hearing, hearing your wonderful storiess, hearing your wonderful stories, it is no lie I can see deeply into the future, imagine everything you’ve done and were you there to stand, so cautiously at first and then so high, as he spoke my spirit climbed into the sky, I bid it to return to hear your wonderful stories, return to hear your wonderful stories, hearing…Lyrics by Yes … Frankie The Earthman.

When they put me under for surgery, I will dream, a fusion captured high
It is no lie, I see deeply into the future…


Are you sick and tired of this world system of politics, spiritual Godless depravity, up side down economics, and the division being spread by the great UNITER, Joe Biden? The laughing stock that is both political parties, especially all THE NUT JOB COMMUNISTS / JIHADISTS OF THE EXTREME LEFT PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (clearing my throat) I mean Regressive Democratic Party, These sick politicians that do not understand without a secure Southern Border, we have no secure country.

So my answer will be for me to get a lobotomy, then will I not only be able to communicate with our indoctrinated lost ” youth“; I will also be unaware of the idiocy, the likes of “Chuck Schroomer”, “Nanschki Pelostme” and the “ever rearing her ugly head”, Hillary Cliton.

Since being a dim dumbass seems to be the new cultural norm, my lobotomy will help me be a most valuable contributor to ” This Wonderful Life. Frankie The Earthman.

Home sweet home


WAKE UP! If Americans only knew the history, concerning ancient times and modern times. Can a plague or a virus be used for the purposes of redemption?

How were the Hebrews delivered out of Egypt? … by a plague. “The scriptures record the coming of plagues as judgments against evil and the pride of man, to shake kingdoms, to cast down false gods and idols, to wake up the sleeping, to call back the lost and fallen, and to turn back nations to God”. ( Quote from Harbinger 2, Jonatan Cahn, pgs 214- 215.

God can use a plague or a virus for redemption. Turns out some Americans have consumed the blessings of God, and are now consumed by idolatry and selfishness, many are hateful and war-mongers, self-absorbed, “get things my way, whatever the cost, and if you get in my way I will just cancel your agendas.” Look at our government, a complete den of thieves, scoundrels, and devils.

We must ask ourselves, could this be what is happening now through the Covid virus? “That which has come upon the world has certainly shown ‘how quickly the certainties of life and the foundations on which a society stands can be shaken and removed.’ And sometimes they must be … so that we might find the one certainty and the one foundation that cannot be shaken or removed — that we might find God.” Quote, J.Cahn The Harbinger 2, pg – 215.

So what is unique about this generation, What needs to be judged? …This generation has massively turned away from God. Our government, our culture, is constantly trying to find ways to overturn the ways of God.

What is this specific sin? “It is the shedding of blood.” In ancient times the shedding of blood must be answered by the shedding of more blood. Abraham Lincoln said, ” The blood drawn in slavery would be answered by the blood drawn in war.”

What sin is this world and this generation guilty of ? Abortion — The slaughter of the most innocent … unborn children.

Egypt murdered thousands of Hebrew children in the Nile. The kingdom of Judah to which Jeremiah prophesied sacrificed thousands of its children in The Valley of Tophet. how many children do you suppose have been killed by our civilization? … NOT THOUSANDS, NOT TENS OF THOUSANDS, NOT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, BUT MILLIONS, Over 60 million! … Can we say that a civilization such as Nazi Germany should be brought to justice for the holocaust? .. then what do we say of a civilization that has committed the equivalent of 10 holocaust’s, how much blood cries out from that?

Finally, tears should be falling from our faces, as we lie face down before the Lord in repentance, ( If not personally at least nationally ) begging for forgiveness and healing in this land. How many children do you think have been killed by the nations of this age? …OVER ONE BILLION CHILDREN! YES, many of us just don’t care, the situation is not immediate or close enough for us to even whisper Hmmm?… We are pathetic, in many ways. Please reference J. Cahn, The Harbinger 2 for more information. Frankie The Earthman.

We have a lot to lose, WAKE UP!



Associated with the ancient God Baal, child sacrifice had become a practice of Israel because of the influence of the Assyrians.

Moloch, also spelled Molech was the entity children were burnt and sacrificed to for a myriad of reasons.

This history brings us to the supposed ‘leak document’ from the Supreme Court, involving Roe vs Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court and authority for abortions given to each state.

My point being that women have a right to do with their bodies ( to a certain extent) what they want to, but we are talking about a second body inside of them, namely a baby. Now we are talking about two people or more.

Does it appear that the main problem with this whole issue is “when does life begin”? It seems our highest court, The Supreme Court does not want to address this issue, because it’s all about politics. What is laughable, and at the same time “Satanically pure evil”, is that Chuck Schumer and probably Nancy Pelosi seem to think that a woman losing the right to do whatever they want with their bodies and their babies is an abomination; It seems to me our culture and society are obsessed with having ‘our way no matter what the cost’, especially politicians. We demand being able to murder babies, many of us anyway, this is the real abomination and God does not wink at it.

It now appears that our Judicial Branch of government is most likely stooping to the same level as our Executive and Legislative branches. God help us all, the end is near.

Don’t murder babies … Some women need to get over their ugly selves.


Our subject today is, has been, and will probably remain a hotly debated topic. Intelligent, truth-seeking scholars have put forth their interpretations and beliefs concerning God’s Word on Evil, Predestination, Foreknowledge, and Freewill. God’s sovereignty is associated with the above, but I will not go into it so much right now. After reading my post, study the Calvinists and the Armenians for a good study on our subject.

I hope you will find this study as fascinating as I do. Our reference book will again be Michael Heiser’s, THE UNSEEN REALM, Chapter 9, pgs, 63 – 65. Mostly paraphrased with my comments.

Let’s examine God’s foreknowledge and the free will of humankind, especially concerning the fall, and the questions that arise. WAS THE FALL PREDESTINED? IF IT WAS, how was the disobedience of Adam and Eve free? How are they genuinely responsible?

Let’s look at 1 Samuel 23: 1 – 13. The book of Genesis does not address our subject matter. 1 Samuel, is about the Philistines attacking Keilah. David is consulting Yahweh, ( YHWH) about whether he should go and attack the Philistines. Yahweh replied that they should go attack the Philistines. The men in David’s army spoke up and said that they were afraid. So again David consulted Yahweh, Yahweh said He was giving the Philistines into David’s hands. David continued to consult Yahweh about what he should do in certain situations and what the outcome would be.

David was asking God about the future, God spoke from His foreknowledge.


None of the events that David inquired to God about actually happened. David exercised his free will.

That which never happens can be foreknown by God, but it is not predestined, since it never happened.

Since foreknowledge does not require predestination, foreknown events that happened, may or may not have been predestined.

This study is introductory and hopefully leads you to a deeper study.

Comments: The interplay between predestination, God’s foreknowledge, and man’s free will is a very mysterious subject. The bottom line, for now, is that we have free will, and our decisions matter and have consequences. God foreknows possibilities.

We truly see through a glass darkly … Frankie The Earthman.

Even some trees have ears to hear, do you?