Well, with San Francisco offering five million dollars to all black folk and homes for a $1; and because I’m white bread, I think I will just go ahead and identify as a poor cheated black person. California and San Francisco will have to acknowledge my new identity and give me the reparations money. But seriously, folks, does anybody really believe that these people are going to get five million dollars each? Then again, I guess if it could happen, San Francisco would be the place for this to happen.

San Francisco, open the banks again.

I will promise all those in San Francisco that I will never again sing the disney song “zippity do da” But I will sing the controversial song by Lou Reed, Walk on the Wild Side” NOT! Frankie The Earthman. Do da do da do doda da do. ” Plucked her eyebrows on the way, shaved her legs, then she was a he said , “hey bro, take a Walk on the Wild Side, hey sugar”….do da do da do da do ta da do.


San Francisco to hand out 5 million in reparations and homes for $1. “Go pick out a mansion.”

Pay attention : Anyone with half a brain in their head would realize that these kinds of financial activities are “the dumbing down” of the black people. This financial action gives the democrat party total control over them. Don’t worry about getting a job and building wealth. You don’t have to worry about all that. Let the white people worry about that.

Marx did the same thing with “The class system”, democrats are taking control with “The race system. How long America? How long, O Lord. Democrats tell black folks, ” The rich are the root cause of all your problems. Frankie The Earthman.

Can we have one thing that unites and says ” “We are Americans?”


Bulletin: San Francisco plans on ridiculus 5 million dollars reparations per qualifying candidates, paid for by taxpayers that never owned slaves, paid to people that were never slaves. Thanks, Joe Biden, you whack job. Joe, call Gavin Newsom to tell you what you must do. You near bald headed Eagle Freak side show.

Bird brain Joe Biden.


Somebody paint me black and ship me to San Francisco, so’s I can’ me som’ 5 million in reparations. Black Lives Matter, make me whole. I want to matter.

Here’s the political truth: Gavin Newsome wants to run for president, and he wants to stop the loss of black voters politically. The democrats can’t win office without stealing it or manipulating the system. So keep that in mind, when some 40 to 50% of you ignorant “woke ass” morons vote in 2024. “I’m just trying to win friends and gain influence.” Calling it like I see it. Frankie The Earthman.

“I left my 5 million in reparations in San Francisco.”


SVB donated seventy three million dollars to black lives matter. Turns out that white males look pretty smart right about now. It seems that the SVB management was overly concerned with making bank loans to the lower classes. As long as the bank employees were experts on diversity, they didn’t need to know a d*** thing about money. I look back and hold Barack and Michael Obama and Joe Biden, mainly responsible for the CHANGE they promised. WAKE UP AMERICA! WOKE IS WHACKY!


Russian fighter dumps oil or gas on 32 million dollar American drone (flying in International air space) and takes it down. Meanwhile, back in D.C. our military is concerned with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Can somebody give Joe Biden a job he can handle and a new task to look after. Joe has managed to screw up everything he has put his hand to in his obvious effort to destroy America. This WOKE BS has got to go now. Frankie The Earthman.


You can call me Ray. You can call me Jay, you can “act out” queer and funny, but can you make me money? You must call me ‘he’ though you know that I’m a ‘she’, I’m working at the bank cause’ I donated to Hillary.

You can call me ‘Fankie’, my butt might like a spanky, just don’t ask me about money, it only makes me cranky.

SVB leaders promised ” a bright and sparkling future” now, who will pay for my sex change and my complicated suture?

You must call me Mike, though you know that I’m a dyke. I traded in my weenie for a coochie in – betweeny– my legs. But now we lost the money and life’ no longer gay and funny. Maybe Biden will give a bailout, so I continue to sail out on my yacht to have some lunch. I’m so happy that I’m woke, but I’m a dumbass and broke.

‘Woke’ and broke


In a hypnotic state, I rise through the Orion’s spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, the planet Mercury in sight. I look back in my astral travel, as I see the night lights of earth slowly fade to darkness.  Gravity can no longer hold me. My desire to be free is overwhelming. In a newfound God-given spiritual body, I find I can travel at the speed of light, what a relief it is. The planet Venus is in view, how beautiful. As I continue past earth ( referred to by Jimi Hendrix as ” The third stone from the sun.”) , I behold the planet Mars, ( The song by Paul McCartney VENUS AND MARS’ lyrics , “Sitting in the stands of the sports arena, waiting for the show to begin, red lights, green lights, strawberry wine, a good friend of mine follows the stars, Venus and Mars are alright tonight.” playing in my head, I smile. Next, I fly past Jupiter, It’s not too long before I see the rings of Saturn. My eyes are beholding and taking it all in. Uranus is calling me, but Neptune whispers to me,  “Come see my glory.”  As I reach the end of the solar system, I see a wormhole. My body, as if drawn by a strong magnetic force, is pulled into the wormhole. After what seems like only seconds , everything arrives in slow motion, I feel peaceful, as a bright comforting light reveals an arm with outstretched hand grasping my hand and lands me in (what I know to be paradise.) God in a calm voice says,  “Welcome Home.” Frankie The Earthman.



Joe Biden claims that our banking systems are safe … riiiiiiight. Sometimes I believe that if Russia, China, North Korea or Iran dropped an atomic bomb on the heartland of middle America, Joe biden would get on the TV and say that ” All is safe, don’t worry, and let me make this clear, it’s Donald Trump’s fault, let me say that again, it is Donald Trump’s fault.” Riiiiiiiiight. Frankie The Earthman.


Evil men do not understand justice, Proverbs 28:5. Being a conservative, I can not help but notice the evil that is glaringly obvious in the democrat party. And yes, i’m aware it spills into the republican party also.

I would ask ask all to consider this: The democratic party is the main party that is always “going on” about justice for all. Peculiar thing is that according to Proverbs 28 : 5, evil people do not understand justice. Joe Biden and his crime family are the definition of evil, IMHO. So, have some 40 to fifty percent of Americans been brainwashed and indoctrinated to believe Joe Biden? I sincerely believe that half of the United States is completely hypnotized by Joe Biden ( mainly because a lot of people are afraid to think for themselves for fear of retribution ) that if Joe told everyone to eat shite sandwiches, they gladly would do so, with a big shite eating grin on their faces. Frankie The Earthman, ” just calling it like I see it.”

Joe Bidens’ spiritual face.

In my humble opinion, the Biden administration and almost all involved in his administration have done. everything imaginable to hinder and destroy the United States of America. If anyone can not ‘see’ ( discern this), then I would question their cognitive abilities. We have gone so wrong with ‘wokeness‘ in this country. We have a so-called ” woman” on the Supreme Court, who, when asked to give the definition of a woman was unable to do it. She remarked that she was ‘not a biologist.’ How low do we have to go, folks? This same sitting Supreme Court Justice is a black woman. I wonder if she has the cognitive ability to describe what a black woman is? Sideways and off the cliff we go.