To my readers: I’ve decided to sign back on and do some writing. As I deal with my demons concerning my health and my attitude towards writing; I’ve determined that it would be selfish of me, not to pass on the wisdom that God is revealing to me, through my own experience and my study of others. This will sound peculiar to most of you but THE SATAN wants me dead, and at the very least does not want me to write. The struggle continues.

The guidance of God has led me to some very important and revealing information in my studies.

Today, I will relay to you, Michael Heiser’s most excellent work: THE UNSEEN REALM — Chapter 9 pgs 61-62.

THE GIFT OF God, paraphrased — MANY ASK, Why doesn’t God do away with evil and suffering on earth? I find this to be a very legitimate question. But we have to be careful in finding the correct answer. He can’t — Because that would require the elimination of all his “imagers.’ ( Remember God says we are “made in His image” and Michael Heiser likes to refer to us as “imagers.”

He will eliminate evil on the last day. Understand, that for evil to be eliminated, Earth and humanity as we know it would have to end. God has a chronology, a plan, for this ultimate development. Given God’s decision to create time-bound humans as the vehicles for his rule, it could be no other way. In the meantime, we experience the wonders of life. God knew the risk of Eden. He deemed the existence of humankind preferable to our eternal absence. “Freedom of will” is a wonderful gift, despite the risk of evil. We humans should understand God’s decision as a loving one. Understanding this requires the consideration of two alternatives, ‘not having a life at all’, and / or ‘being a mindless robot’, capable only of obeying commands and responding to programming. If our decisions were all coerced or programmed, how authentic would those decisions really be? If love is coerced or programmed, is it really love? Is any such decision really a genuine decision at all?

For a decision to be real, it must be made against an alternative that could be chosen. We must understand the difference between freedom and coercion. The IRS doesn’t tell you that you may perhaps pay your taxes by April 15th. When you behave wrongly, where would the emotional healing of forgiveness be if the person you offended was merely programmed to say those words, or coerced to say them? Free will is the gift despite the risk.

Comments: The study of God’s word has to be led by the Holy Spirit or it’s very easy to go astray. Pastors and their underlings make all kinds of assumptions without studying the word deeply. We have to become linguists to a certain degree, and we have to understand Hebrew and Greek and the mindset of the ancient writers of the Old & New Testament. “We” need to take the elevator up to God and not ask him to take a long ride down to us. Now, you take it from here and further your study and Enlightenment. Frankie The Earthman.

Don’t tangle up Gods Word with superficial study.


Vanity vanity, all is vanity. Frankie The Earthman signing off, the world is full of “mediocre at best writing.” I will no longer contribute to this mediocrity with my writing efforts. I am only sorry that I made “more of myself” than I should have. Forgive me, I have learned that I am dead spiritually, and half dead physically. Farewell.



I have found that preaching, teaching, talking, or even thinking about higher or absolute truths is a very dangerous precipice.

Anyone that attempts to do so, finds themselves in an extreme minority, especially in our modern day, politically correct, cancel culture society. How dare anyone try to approach teaching absolute truth, let alone spread it to the masses. I have also found that man, of himself, could not begin to explain absolute truth. The truth being he finds himself in an “alignment process.” Anyone can make a set of rules, a religion, and follow “align with them,” and make them their absolute truth.

In this day and age, everyone is encouraged to develop their own truth, and to feel free to let everyone know what that personal truth is. This is why we have the chaos that we have today. John Lennon wrote, “Whatever gets you through the night is all right, all right.” This, if believed by the masses leads to lawlessness and chaos. It also is a self-destructive setup mechanism, perpetuated through the guise of freedom. In reality, it is bondage.

I mentioned an “alignment process” concerning ‘absolute truth’ or any set of rules and beliefs for that matter. I have looked at all the world religions. I decided long ago to ‘align’ myself with Christianity. To me, it takes more faith to believe in all other of the belief systems that are out there; than it does accepting the history, believability, and likelihood of the truths of Christianity.

Please know, that I am aware everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and belief systems, their world views.

To me, Christianity provides the answers because I have learned that religion “as it is called” should be about relationships; a relationship with God, a relationship where God’s son overcame humanity’s biggest enemy which is death, by overcoming death, proving that He is God. Who else has done this? Frankie The Earthman.

Look around, why do you think the “average spiritually dead person,” ( Spiritually dead meaning they are not aware of, and don’t have a personal relationship with God, they have not been enlightened ), and they are the majority, don’t care about spiritual matters?

I believe they have a certain awareness about spiritual matters, but they don’t want to take the chance through a leap of faith. They also do not want to be accountable for their actions or laughed at by their peers. they want to live their life as they see fit, most have little respect for life, and do not understand what it means for human beings to be made in the “image of God.” We are all “imagers”, some see life as a gift and want to reflect on being made in the image of God, others simply don’t get it and do not care.

Be careful what and who you believe in.


The following is a quick look at a study in Michael Heiser’s book THE UNSEEN REALM. I, am called to relay what I believe to be a real faith “foundational builder” or an “already existing faith booster.” I can’t help but think of family and loved ones. So here’s thinking of : Mizuho, Ari’el, Lauren, Andrea, Jennifer, and many that I will leave unmentioned, yet carry in my heart.

In reading Psalm 82, if there are other divine sons of God, what are we to make of the description of Jesus as the “only begotten” son of God? John 1:14, 18; 3:16, 18 & 1 John 4:9 How could Jesus be the only divine son when there are others? Modern ears easily confuse the translation “only begotten” which seems to contradict the obvious statement in the Old Testament about other sons of God, it implies that there was a time when the son did not exist, that he had a beginning.

Let’s look at the Greek word monogenes. It doesn’t mean “only begotten” in the “birthing” sense. There is a misunderstanding of the root of the Greek word. Monogenes was thought to have derived from two Greek terms, monos (“only”) and gennao ( to begat, bear” ). Greek scholars later discovered that the second part of the word monogenes does not come from the Greek word gennao but rather from the noun genes (” class, kind”) The term means “one of a kind” or “unique” without the connotation of created origin. Since Jesus Is indeed identified with Yahweh and is therefore, with Yahweh, unique among the elohim that serve God, the term monogenes does not contradict the Old Testament language.

Understanding this is borne out by the New Testament itself. Look at Hebrews 11:17. Isaac is called Abraham’s monogens. We know that Isaac was not the “only begotten” son of Abraham. Abraham had earlier fathered Ishmael. (Genesis 16:15; 21:3) The term must mean that *Isaac was Abraham’s unique son, for he was the son of the covenant promises. *Isaac’s genealogical line would be the one through which Messiah would come. Just as Yahweh is an elohim, and no other elohim are Yahweh, so Jesus is unique Son and no other sons of God are like him.

* This account explains the ancient and ongoing battle between Arabs and Jews. Read the account of Abraham, Sarah, and Abraham’s concubine Hagar, and the deeper meaning of Isaac and Ishmael’s births. It’s truly a family affair, the birthright battle still rages.

Comments by Frankie The Earthman: It is my great honor to share the scholarly work of Michael Heiser’s book THE UNSEEN REALM. This post can be verified by referencing pg 36 and 37 of this book. I highly recommend getting his book and reading it, in it’s entirety. You will learn exponentially that we in our modern culture must be careful with the traditions and translations of modern-day men, and the “watering down” of God’s word, a lot is misquoted, misread, and misunderstood. As mentioned before, I desire to spread what I view as important studies in God’s word. Sometimes we have to “stand on the shoulders of others” for this to happen. Hats off to Michael Heiser. Frankie The Earthman.

“The road to truth is filled with the sound of many converging voices that we must discern.” Quote by Frankie The Earth Man. Photo by Frankie.


It’s obvious to me what Joe Biden’s intentions are. For example, while Russia is testing its ICBMs, Joe Biden wants to defund the United State‘s ICBMs. Go figya. Joe wants the money that the U.S. would spend on ICBMs sent to the CDC and Mr. Fauci. ( smirk)… It seems the Biden administration is more concerned with toddlers wearing masks on airplanes than the insanity going on at our Southern border; and sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Ukraine, so they can protect “their” borders. Satan himself could not come up with a more diabolical scheme to destroy America. How long will stupid, apathetic, some 50% of Americans continue to view Joe Biden and his administration as doing an acceptable job?

WHEN WILL THE EVIL STOP? Americans were duped by the snake charmer, snake oil salesman Barack ( backroom blowjob) Obama, and then we were stupid enough to elect his understudy Joe Biden. Whether anyone cares to know it or not, we in America are in phase three of a ‘shaking judgment’ permitted by the hand of God. Let me help you remember what the first two shakings were, remember 9/11?… remember the economic collapse of 2008? … Well, the Biden presidency is shaking number three.

If anyone wants to look at current events through the “natural eye” and continue thinking in the “natural mind”, let this ‘voice in the wilderness’ warn you, we (the world) are on the threshold of the Tribulation Period. AGAIN, STUDY DANIEL’S 70th WEEK, THE PARABLE OF THE FIG TREE, JUST TO START YOUR UNDERSTANDING. Frankie The Earthman … Human nature and the rebellious nature of humanity towards God is a very mysterious thing. For instance, the messages like I’m delivering on this blog, (if I lived back in the ancient times would have got me thrown in jail) because the people just did not want to hear what God’s word has to say. Give us “post-modern idiots” our phones, our social media, our net worth, our inclination to murder, ( and then justify it, often, by blaming someone else or the “judicial system” that we are all enduring.

As Jim Morrison so correctly saw into the deep darkness that can be the mind of man: THIS IS THE END, BEAUTIFUL FRIEND! But, I would add, not the end of the world, but the end of an age, ushering in a new one. Again, Frankie…

Be still and know there is a God…


Hebrews 12:2 — LOOKNG UNTO JESUS the author and finisher of our faith : who for the joy set before him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Comments: What is amazing to me about this verse is that Jesus left his position in heaven. I am reminded of the scripture that says, “there is no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood.” Hebrews 9: 22. Remember life is in the blood. Imagine how much God The Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit loved the created enough to send Jesus to the earth, to die a horrible death on the cross, so that we could have eternal life … Who do you say Jesus is? Frankie The Earthman.

There is power in THE BLOOD!


The remembering of a peculiar dream and conversation: A close friend of mine and I were having a conversation about an upcoming heart procedure that he was going to have to endure.

He is 67. For almost all of his previous 66 years he enjoyed fairly good health. In fact, he had yet to experience any real debilitating disease. Making this long story shorter and easier to absorb, I will say this. My friend had developed Endocarditis from an infected tooth, the infection went unnoticed and presented itself in the form of a flu. The infection had also taken up residence in his heart and had damaged his Tricuspid heart valve. The valve would need replacement. He then told me, since the doctors had given a thumbs up appraisal of his overall heart health, ie: No Coronary Artery Disease or other; the doctors informed him that one of his options was to go into a “holding mode” and monitor the whole situation and see how it developed, possibly avoiding surgery. Possibly making his heart too risky to operate n the future.

To summarize, a long story that contain many other elements, my friend told me he was very depressed and felt like his life had been an utter and complete failure. He went on to tell me that he was in a “neutral state” concerning his surviving or dying during the heart procedure.

He explained that only important people in his life were worth living for, his wife, son, daughter and dog. He continued by saying he felt as if he didn’t have anything to offer society. He said he believed his time had come and gone, and that he was actually on borrowed time.

He further explained that he had a lot of debt from being in the hospital for almost a month and all of the associated costs. Although he had insurance it would still be a big burden. He wrapped up by saying that he believed that “He was worth more dead than alive to his family.” He was very concerned about being a burden. I just stared at the ground my eyes full of tears, as he told me his story. My only reply was that “life often puts us in situations where we can’t afford to do something and we can’t afford not to.” Frankie The Earthman.

Springtime snow…

is time had come and gone and that he was actually on borrowed time


Ref : Mark Levin quoting Richard M. Weaver from his book– Ideas Have Consequences.

Period referenced: 1948. Weaver said, “Surely we are justified in saying of our time: If you seek the monument to our folly, look about you.” He condemned what he rightly saw as the rejection of older truths and faith, resulting in unimaginable inhumanity. “In our day,” Weaver explained, “we have seen cities obliterated and ancient faiths stricken. We may well ask, in the words of Matthew, whether we are not faced with ‘great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world.’ We have for many years moved with a brash confidence that man had achieved a position of independence that rendered the ancient restraints needless. Now, in the first half of the twentieth century, at the height of modern progress, we behold unprecedented outbreaks of hatred and violence; we have seen whole nations desolated by war and turned into penal camps by their conquerors; *We find half of mankind looking upon the other half as criminal. (*Sound familiar?… It should ) Everywhere appears symptoms of mass psychosis, most portentous of all, there appear diverging basis of values, so that are single planetary globe is mocked by worlds of different understanding. These signs of disintegration arouse fear, and fear leads to desperate unilateral efforts towards survival ( Joe B. and Barack tactics) which only forward the process.”

Weaver explained that religion begins to assume an ambiguous dignity, and the question of whether it can endure at all in a world of rationalism and science has to be faced.” Born is the “anomaly of a ‘humanized’ religion.” Indeed, mankind was now to be defined by his surroundings and, in particular materialism– the foundational principle behind Marxism, also known as “material historicism.” “Materialism loomed … on the horizon, for it was implicit in what had already been framed.

Thus it soon became imperative to explain man by his environment … If man came into the century trailing clouds of transcendental glory, he was now accounted for in a way that would satisfy the positivist.” , That is, by those intellectuals who reject eternal truth and experience through the ages for the social engineering by supposed experts and their administrative state– which claim to use data, science, and empiricism to analyze, manage, and control society.

Comments by Frankie: All we have to do friends is watch the news for a little while, and we can see the parallels between today’s media and news and the awareness ( through their books) of certain men back in the early 1900s and even before that. Our recent administrations are not the beginnings of the “new world order”, globalism, CRT, CANCEL CULTURE, etc. This spirit of lawlessness and division has been working really since the beginning of creation, with : The fall of man and the ongoing struggle between God and Satan, between between good and evil.

This foul, evil, rebellious, destructive, Anti-God “Spirit” that has been in the world since the beginning, can be seen in its culmination in modern-day events, called “The End Times.” All for now, Frankie The Earthman.

The end is near, yet so is our salvation, LOOK UP …


Dear Lord, thank you for the celebration of You, this Easter Sunday. Please open our hearts and minds to the revelation that You pre-existed before becoming a baby. That you, in Your ‘unimaginable power’ ( unfathomable from our limited understanding ) spoke this world into existence. Help us to understand on a higher deeper level that You have provided Your creation with a way to overcome and claim a victory over the curse of death. Read this account in the book of Genesis.

We, as a race, a culture, and society need to learn and understand some very basic founding/creation concepts that began in the Garden of Eden. We need to understand that Satan was the most beautiful of God’s created beings. God says he was made after the “perfect pattern” and at one time was a guardian of God’s throne. Unfortunately, Satan was not happy with his high position, and pride and rebellion were found in him. He led a rebellion in heaven, drawing one-third of the angels to fight against God and ‘those’ that sided with Him, Reference Revelation 12. This one-third of angels were rebels, and we’re kicked out of heaven. They were and remain “fallen Angels.” Note: God says in His Word that a “big deception” will fall upon the masses in these END TIMES. I must ask this question: Have we as a race considered what the true identity of these ‘unidentified flying objects’ and aliens might be? … Or are we being deceived into believing lies about “their” origins? ( These deceptions lead to and suggest that humans came from ancient beings, and were put on earth as some kind of experiment. These beliefs challenge the existence of ” THE ONE TRIE GOD, adding to the confusion and speculation that there is no “Supreme God”, or that God is dead.

So, on this Easter, I would like to say that we human beings in our fragile flesh, blood, bone, and brain configuration of life are caught in the middle of an ancient struggle that continues these days. God and Satan are in a chess game for the souls of human beings. Us humans have a shot at eternal life with God or eternal separation from Him. I honestly can’t think of any other reason for us to be on this earth. Though there are a lot of beautiful things about life, it seems to be ruined by all of the corruption, greed, disease, wars, death, and horrible atrocities that men commit against each other.

To me, we humans must ask where this evil came from, as it cannot be found in the desires of God, it is only being permitted in “His perfect will.” The time is coming when evil and its originator will be destroyed. Written by Frankie The Earthman, Happy Easter.

Man is best at deceiving and destroying, we must ask about the origin of this evil.


The nine harbingers studied in my last post are not the end of the story but the beginning. The mystery continues.

Ref : Jonathan Cahn’s ‘revelation’ book: THE MYSTERY OF THE SHEMITAH.

Jonathan Cahn’s two Harbinger books reveal the biblical progression of national judgment. If a nation does not heed the warning of the first shaking, there comes a second.

Comments by Frankie: Note of extreme importance: God’s first shaking of America occurred on 9/11/ 01. We are now over 20 years from the first ‘shaking’, and there has been no returning back to God (except individually), little repentance, or national revival.

I must note also note that the time between God giving warnings in ancient times, and following through with judgment was typically 20 years. God always gave adequate time for people to see the error of their ways and return to him. History shows that the human “fallen state” shows human beings tending to do evil rather than good; so once backslidden, either personally or collectively we find it to be “a long way back to God.”

The gist of what I’m saying is that I believe we are on borrowed time and the biblical clock is ready to reveal, we are drawing very close to the Rapture Of the Church, as the world is thrown into the Tribulation period; revealing “The Son of Perdition”, the Antichrist, who is to to “head up” the one-world globalist system, now quickly falling into place. God’s timetable reveals that God will intervene at some point in the tribulation, evil will be defeated, and a new age will begin “The Thousand-Year Reign of Christ, from “the New Holy City” to come to Jerusalem. Study the beauty of a 1500 mile cube extending from Jerusalem into outer space. All for now, Frankie The Earthman.

Humans should learn from dogs … Pictured is our Princess Aja, she has a heart of gold.