April 19, 2020… Prayer Time…

Lord we lift up this wonderful blessed country called the United States… thank you for your grace and long-suffering concerning our wonderful Nation…. we lift up our President Trump and his family, Mike Pence and his family, and all those in the government that truly want to make America great and keep America great… I pray for Holy Spirit illumination and guidance of Donald Trump in his decision making… I also pray for a Divine hedge of protection for him and his family… Lord thank you for raising up a man such as Donald Trump… sure he’s not perfect, but neither am I, and neither is anyone… fortunately you choose to work with the imperfect to complete your will… Lord we know that you are a just God… of course from my perspective, I want to see justice brought to the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and many others, but that’s up to you Lord…. seems like sometimes there is no justice concerning the evil wicked people of this age… yet we know maybe not in this life but in the next one, there will be justice…. because we know that you don’t wink at that the evil going on in the world right now.

Lord, we also pray about this Coronavirus situation… Lord only you know the whole truth about this…. again I pray that justice is brought to those that are responsible… in Jesus’s name I / we humbly thank you for hearing our petition…Amen… visit me at my blog….littleraventhepoet.blog… Sincerely, Frank Payton….

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