The Mystery…

There are many mysterious things in this world and in this life… Many things about being birthed into this world, and finding yourself in this flesh blood and bone existence, spinning on a rock through the vastness of space… A lot of people call it the ‘Water Planet’….I like to call it the ‘Rock’… Maybe it’s a ‘Wet Rock’…. Anyway you dice it up, it’s beautiful…. But full of trouble.

So what’s the big mystery?…. Well that’s complicated, but we”ll start in on it…. People who are unawares and ignorant, basically talk about the end of things, the end of the world, the end of life and so on…

But consider this my ‘Lovelies’… There is no ‘end’ or ‘endings’, when it comes to the one true God of this whole creation…. There is no death in or from God…He’s A God of life… Of course I’m aware that there is ‘judgment from God’… & War that is encouraged & ‘Sanctioned by God’…which brings about death, but it’s really ‘after the fact’ of what happened in the garden of Eden…

We have to be clear on a couple of things… One situation and problem in the world that I would like to address is this.. A lot of people wonder and complain that if there is a God, why does He sit idly by and watch all the death and destruction that happens on His earth, on His creation?…. If He is God, why doesn’t He intervene and make things ‘right’ so to speak?…. Well I suggest that He has intervened… He has intervened in a big time way, ( over 2000 yrs ago) but maybe we have missed it, maybe we don’t want to see it, maybe we need more than what He has done, maybe we don’t understand what He’s done… Maybe we don’t want Him meddling in what we call ‘our lives’…. But friends I will go out on a limb and say, don’t you know that you don’t even have life without Him?… A God so powerful… That he spoke all of creation into existence, and is the light of every man and woman that has ever lived… or will live… whether you or I care to acknowledge it or not… As a matter of fact, with the power of His Word, Jesus keeps this planet spinning through space, keeps all the stars exactly where they are… manages the vastness of the universe, as we go on our merry way with our lives… yet He continues to love us…

So when you look around at all the crazy people in the world, and all the crazy stuff that is going on, realize that this FLESH ACTIVITY is a manifestation of what is happening in the spirit world, the battle that is going on in heaven, just as sure as I recline here, and speak these words… Some people want to serve God, some people could care less about God & want to serve Satan…. God has given us free will… and will honor our choices… However there are consequences… Life is given as a gift and God does not take it lightly about how we spend it… Unlike the current culture that we live in, and the spirit of lawlessness so rampant, God requires accountability for our lives… If you don’t feel like you have to be accountable to God, you have to ask yourself where did this spirit that controls you, come from?

I mentioned ‘war going on in heaven’…. Here is a mystery for you to consider… That war is coming to earth… It’s coming in the form of what is called the 7 year tribulation… It’s coming in the form of a ‘new world order’ that is quickly developing… coming in the form of the Anti-Christ, showing up on earth to wreak havoc…. I’m not making this up…. Study for yourselves………Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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