Having grown up about 8 miles outside of Washington DC, in an area close to the beltway, in and around the Tysons Corner area.

IF I remember correctly, I was in the 3rd grade, while watching a French program, sitting at my desk with approximately 20 other students in the room; When our teacher came hurriedly and crying with tissue to her nose, as she punched the TV button in, turning it off.

Weeping, she uttered, “The president has been shot.”… Little did I know that my mind made a permanent recording of my teacher as she spoke to us of JFK … Little did I know, how my country and I would be thrown into one of the greatest events in U.S. history, if not the world … I was just a boy …

With this remembering as a setting, I would like to tell everyone how I feel about the Washington DC elitist mindset … I realize that most people who live in D.C. and the surrounding areas are quite aware of what I am going to put forth … Having said that, people outside of the DC area may not be aware … Generally speaking, most of the mainstream media can’t be trusted with any of the news, as to what actually goes on in DC … I like OAN … NEWSMAX, & PARLER … Twitter totally screwed me, & many like me … Fox has been infiltrated …

What I have observed is that people get elected to positions in the Senate, House Of Representatives, FBI, DOJ and so many other higher-up positions. They arrive in D.C. thinking they are going to change the world… And somehow, some of them manage to do just that … The majority find themselves gobbled up by the system … Two good examples (of system gobblers) are Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi… The ‘newbies’ come to DC, and the likes of Pelosi and Schumer tell them exactly what they are going to do, or they are blackballed …

Soooooo … Having a fairly good understanding of human nature and why people do some of the horrific evil things they do; and a lot of these DC swamp critters think that because they have served the country, they are ‘entitled’ to make millions of dollars on their side deals, Even if it’s a sellout to the likes of China, Russia, and Iran, just to name a few …

Another example of the elitist mindset is some leaders in the United States, try to sell us the fact that we need to be at war all the time, sacrificing our youth, meanwhile, they are supplying both sides of the war & getting rich … Why do they do this?… because they are “Elitists”… and don’t get me wrong I’m a patriot … yet I find it necessary to use my powers of discernment … especially with the decline of many in leadership positions failing to make a stand for what ‘they believe’… Yet a lot of us are required to take a stand regardless of what we believe, or we are called unpatriotic …

If you want further evidence of the DC mindset take a look at this 2020 election debacle … The perfect example Is Joe Biden … and his public acknowledgment that the democrats have come up with the ‘greatest voter fraud scheme ever’… And it seems that the democrats will actually get away with it & ‘steal an election’ ( If this is not the elitist mindset, I don’t know what is) … IMHO…God’s intervention is the only avenue of escape from this crime against humanity … littleraventhepoet.blog … Frank Payton …

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