Walking up-and-down the mountain with my dog, pretty much daily; I and my twelve-year-old son, along with my wife would often encounter one of our neighbors, ( Mrs. K … about 28ish ) who had two lovely girls one about five years old, the other two or so … We were always happy to see each other and the girls would pet the dog … The conversation between us could typically be on many different subjects … On this particular day, there was a different feel in the air, ( as it was just me and our dog trying to hold a conversation) … I desperately tried to overcome the awkwardness that was not typical between us … So I said to the five-year-old … “Who is your best friend, your mom, or your dad?” I looked over to K … As she gave me a look of disapproval at asking the question … I said … ” Let me rephrase that, “Who do you like better your mom or your dad?” … Mrs. K looked at me as she cleared her throat in disbelief of my asking … Ok …” Let’s start over,” I said, “When you get older, who do you think will give you a better allowance, mom or dad?” … I realized after glancing at Mrs. K the conversation should end immediately … I said as I pulled my dog to move along and end the conversation … while half whispering to myself “Let’s go home pooch, our work is done here.” … This was awkward at the least …

The above story is fiction, I wanted to practice my story telling, it was based on the humor that this imagined encounter produced in me … Because I would never ask such asinine questions that is unless someone pissed me off … [ smirk ] …

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