Here we go again …Barack Obummer Part 2:

Mr. Blinken just said …” The war in Afghanistan is over… The military part is now finished … “we will now lead with diplomacy.” Note: Seems to me the United States will not make decisions on its own, we will depend on the global community such as the United Nations … And whoever “slow ‘walk away’ Joe Biden” decides to have make critical decisions … This is ten steps backward … The new ‘buzz phrase’ is “THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY” ... The new buzz phrase is the International community… I’m sad to say, I think Barack Obama and others are “behind the curtain” working Joe Biden and others like the puppets they are … Good night Irene … Get this … The terrorists said they will not allow Afghanistan to become a terrorist haven …WTF? We are going to continue with diplomacy when we couldn’t even have diplomacy with troops on the ground in Kabul … We are phucked … “Where have you gone Donald Trump? … our nation turns its lonely eyes to you …

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