Tophet was a place just outside the city of Jerusalem in the Valley of Hinnom, a place of great significance. And The Lord would speak of it through the prophet Jeremiah:

For the children of Judah have done evil in My sight’, says the Lord. ‘They have … built the high places of Tophet, which is in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire'”

Paleo – Hebrew … TPHT … There are no vowels … Added from English … Tophet …

God condemned Tophet, the place where they killed their own children. To do such a horrible thing was required by the worship of their new gods ... They offered up their children as sacrifices, believing that by doing so they would obtain favor, increase, and gain.

The prophet said to Nouriel, “Tophet,represented the depth of Israel’s fall from God. It was all part of the progression. Remember what happens when a nation turns away from God, from absolute truth, and its people worship the gods of their choosing and the idols of their hands.” It cuts itself off from its foundation. It loses its purpose and meaning. And when life loses its purpose and meaning, then you can do with it what you will. Then it can be abused, sacrificed, and disposed of. So when a civilization turns away from God, it can then blot out those created in his image. The people of Israel began sacrificing their own children. And for the blood of its most innocent, the nation would stand in judgment.

If America has followed the template of Israel’s fall, then would it not follow in this as well?”…”Child sacrifice” “That was part of the ancient world, it’s not part of today.” “Or is it?”… “As America followed in the footsteps of Israel’s fall, as it turned away from God, the same dynamics were set in motion. It lost its purpose and values. And so life lost its sanctity. And so life became disposable.

And so the ancient sin was replayed on American soil. The nation gave its blessing and sanction to the sacrificing of its most innocent. It legalized the killing of its unborn children and celebrated the act. Those who should have been it’s most protected, it’s most defenseless, we’re put to death. It all followed the ancient progression. The same years that saw the progressive driving out of God from the nation’s public squares also saw the return of the ancient sin. Israel killed thousands of its children — but America has killed millions … Where do you think that leaves us, friends? … As you read this please understand America’s parallels to ancient Israel … I don’t know about you, but as I look around, I see the four horsemen of The Apocolypse, the forerunner to THE TRIBULATION ...The only way you can’t see this friend, is if you are spiritually dead, remember your natural mind is your hindrance, look for spiritual depth and meaning, or you don’t stand a chance to escape what is coming … Biden in Hebrew is BDN … Alas! JUDGEMENT … Frank … Reference: Harbinget 2, Jonathan Cahn, pgs, 184 – 186 …

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