“FAMILIES CAN REST EASY” … THE GROCERY STORES ARE STOCKED! …(like we should kiss his ring for that) AND THE BETTER NEWS IS THAT INFLATION IS ONLY UP 30% … To add insult to injury, Oklahoma governor Kevin Stitt reported on Fox News that over 30 governors sent a letter to “Joken Jeoeeee Biden” concerning the handling of The border crisis, and got ‘absolutely no reply at all …”Rest Easy,” sez Joken’ Joey … IMHO, “JOKEN JOE HAS GOT TO GO”– SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE BUT HERE … PERHAPS CHINA ?! … BYE, BYE Joey, “You old bag of molded oatmeal.”... (Thank you D. Bongino for the oatmeal quote) … Frankie The Earthman.

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