To my readers: I’ve decided to sign back on and do some writing. As I deal with my demons concerning my health and my attitude towards writing; I’ve determined that it would be selfish of me, not to pass on the wisdom that God is revealing to me, through my own experience and my study of others. This will sound peculiar to most of you but THE SATAN wants me dead, and at the very least does not want me to write. The struggle continues.

The guidance of God has led me to some very important and revealing information in my studies.

Today, I will relay to you, Michael Heiser’s most excellent work: THE UNSEEN REALM — Chapter 9 pgs 61-62.

THE GIFT OF God, paraphrased — MANY ASK, Why doesn’t God do away with evil and suffering on earth? I find this to be a very legitimate question. But we have to be careful in finding the correct answer. He can’t — Because that would require the elimination of all his “imagers.’ ( Remember God says we are “made in His image” and Michael Heiser likes to refer to us as “imagers.”

He will eliminate evil on the last day. Understand, that for evil to be eliminated, Earth and humanity as we know it would have to end. God has a chronology, a plan, for this ultimate development. Given God’s decision to create time-bound humans as the vehicles for his rule, it could be no other way. In the meantime, we experience the wonders of life. God knew the risk of Eden. He deemed the existence of humankind preferable to our eternal absence. “Freedom of will” is a wonderful gift, despite the risk of evil. We humans should understand God’s decision as a loving one. Understanding this requires the consideration of two alternatives, ‘not having a life at all’, and / or ‘being a mindless robot’, capable only of obeying commands and responding to programming. If our decisions were all coerced or programmed, how authentic would those decisions really be? If love is coerced or programmed, is it really love? Is any such decision really a genuine decision at all?

For a decision to be real, it must be made against an alternative that could be chosen. We must understand the difference between freedom and coercion. The IRS doesn’t tell you that you may perhaps pay your taxes by April 15th. When you behave wrongly, where would the emotional healing of forgiveness be if the person you offended was merely programmed to say those words, or coerced to say them? Free will is the gift despite the risk.

Comments: The study of God’s word has to be led by the Holy Spirit or it’s very easy to go astray. Pastors and their underlings make all kinds of assumptions without studying the word deeply. We have to become linguists to a certain degree, and we have to understand Hebrew and Greek and the mindset of the ancient writers of the Old & New Testament. “We” need to take the elevator up to God and not ask him to take a long ride down to us. Now, you take it from here and further your study and Enlightenment. Frankie The Earthman.

Don’t tangle up Gods Word with superficial study.

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