FIRST OF ALL, JOE BIDEN, HAS received double Covid shots and double boosters, yet came down with Covid? What up with that?

Moving on has everyone noticed how Michelle ( Michael Robinson) has reared his / her ugly ( hermaphrodite?) head. She is promoting her new book, ‘THE LIGHT WE CARRY.’ THE TITLE SHOULD BE ‘THE LIE WE CARRY’ ( referring to her and ‘Barry Barack The Fag Obama.)

So the question that comes to mind is this: Is this appearance by Michael Michelle so quickly on the heels of Joe Biden announcing that he has Covid indicative of his/her interest in running for the White House?

Also, Hillary is all stirred up again about running for the presidency because the Democratic Party quite simply has nothing else to offer, no one else to offer.

Let’s look for a minute at what a Michael Michelle Obama presidency would mean: It would be the full on press of Barack Obama returning to running this country behind the scenes. Michael Michelle could not run a lemonade stand ( Remember what he / she did to the kids school launches, they all hated it. She has no experience with anything about running a country. She would just be another front figure for the deep state behind the curtain running everything.

Warning: How many times will this country get duped by this Obama family? And if anyone thinks Hillary Clinton is the answer you’d better go have your head examined. I sincerely hope that there are not enough ignorant, dumb, uninformed people in this country to put either Michael Michelle or Hillary Dllary in office.

If we collectively are dumb enough to do this you will see the total decline of America. That is if there’s anything left after Joe Biden and company are finished. Frankie The Earthman.

Take another little piece of my heart now baby … Janis Joplin

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