Oh, golly gosh what will I do! … I cut a fart when I first met you …   now we’ll be over before we get started, and it’s all because I farted … oh golly gosh what will I do? .. in my pants I made a poo, I turned over my Apple Cart and it was all over a long-winded fart …

I was so excited, but then it hurt, because I had made a Hershey squirt. You laughed so hard, you nearly cried, but as for me, I nearly died.

Now everyone can see right from the start, that I’m not so very  smart … I hope at me you will not stare, as I stand in my soiled underwear. Now you had your fun, I put you in stitches, but I must go home and change my britches.

Oh, golly gosh what will I do? I can’t believe I shared this with you. I had to do this because it was a kind of cleansing of my palate.Frankie The Earthman.

Oh golly gosh, what will I do? …  Things will never be quite right with you … I have to make a true confession, I think I will send this to Willie Nelson.

Too much fruit makes me fart.

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