It is amazing the struggle between good and evil, God and the devil, that is taking place right in front of us … a multitude of us can’t even see it. Most can’t see it, because they don’t want to see it. Some don’t want to be responsible and accountable to God, they just want to live their lives the way they want to, and go straight to h***. Some say “after all most of my friends will be there”… well that’s not gonna help YOU OR THEM a lot, because them being there is not gonna make it any cooler down there.

Since the first advent of Christ, multitudes of people have called the gospel foolishness; because they can’t get out of their natural minds and accept anything supernatural. They don’t want to give God credit for being the creator. Like Satan, a multitude of human beings are not & cannot be happy being ‘under’ God and his authority. Well if you are supernaturally intelligent enough, go make your own world where you can be God, otherwise, you’re gonna have to get with God’s program, because it is his creation whether you like it or not. He can snuff any one of us out with just a thought. It’s an undeserved matter for most of us that God is so ‘long suffering” and merciful, or his wrath would consume us all. So the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger that human strength. Get that through your silly, slow heads. I don’t think most of us can even begin to understand how wonderful God really is. Most of us are too busy dealing with our superficial existence. America, unfortunately is a post modern society, which (I’m sure you know), means we don’t observe any “absolute truths” any more, and then we wonder why there’s so much chaos, misery, destruction, division and death. Not to mention the fact that enough of us voted for “the sorry excuse for a human being who is Joe Biden”, and his idiot, giggling moron of a vice president. What should scare everybody to death is the is the completely inept Kamala Harris is one heart beat away from being president of these United States. This should be absolutely terrifying. Frankie The Earthman. God is in control, and his perfect will will reign.

Joe and Kamala, are worse than the 10 plagues that befell the Egyptians.

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