Democratic Swamp Talk

We have Perpetual change… we have sand in the desert, we have clouds in the sky, the ocean waves continuing to arrive, but we have to get rid of cars and planes, we need more solar panels and windmills, quit throwing your plastic bottles on the beach when you go for a walk… if you continue to do that we’ll have to investigate you and spend millions of dollars… we have to get free college & free healthcare for everyone, don’t worry about how to pay for it, Donald Trump, he’s got to go, he’s doing too many good things for this country… we can’t have good for the country & for the Common Man, we have to have riches for the elite… how are we going to usher in the New World Order when we have nationalist countries like the United States and Israel?… oh I’ve got to go now I have some lobbyists knocking on my door… vote for me… don’t worry we’ll take care of you.

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