Frankly My Dear’s Survey …

Please feel free to express your opinions on twitter …

Based on your education, study, belief system, and knowledge, is mankind inherently GOOD OR EVIL? … or let’s ask the question a different way … though we are made in the Image of God … (which would make you think we are inherently GOOD) … are we really inherently EVIL because of Satan and the Fall of Man in the Garden?

It’s a bit of a dichotomy … we have the Pope …we have Gandhi … we have Mother Teresa … we have all the do-gooders … then again we have Stalin and Hitler and Pol Pot .. (some of the bad guys) some murderers through history ..

I’ve opened the door for discussion please have at it …

My Thoughts: We were in the Garden of Eden and prior to the fall apparently we only knew GOOD … when we were seduced by Satan and became ‘aware’ as our eyes were opened to the knowledge of GOOD AND EVIL … we fell victim to the curse of God which included death … because of our disobedience and sin … okay now everyone else roll with it … … Sincerely … Frank Payton

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