Clarification On State Of Affairs Post

Clarification on “nothingness”, the only way that there can be a state of ‘nothingness’ for human beings, is only if ‘they’ were never conceived or born… I believe that it is true even a baby that is conceived and aborted before being born has a soul… which goes directly back to be with God… “Absent from the body present with the Lord.”…. So if a human is conceived and born he / she is made in the image of God… and has an eternal spirit… which according to scripture… goes on in an eternal state, either in Heaven or Hell…. So I believe it is true therefore, that if we say… a state of nothingness is a viable / possible or desirable condition… only being achieveable if one were never born… Unless God ‘Who is the One powerful enough’ to annihilate ‘completely’… a human being…

So… Having said all this… I guess my point really was and is in the “Sad State Of Affairs Post” that what a desperate situation it is for a human being to decide that ‘nothingness’ or never being born is better than experiencing life… At least one might say that it probably would be better to have never been born (& remained in nothingness ), than to have been born & lived… and receive a judgment to spend eternity in hell……

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