For your consideration and contemplation, before we dive in the water…. In living my life I have found that I have the heart of a poet…the mind of a dreamer.. have been a lifelong student…and have the strong desire to convey my messages from my experiences… I don’t see this life and my existence through normal eyes, I don’t hear with normal ears, I don’t speak with a normal mouth, or in a normal language… I’m sure my touch is probably a little bit different… and so on… I have had the people that have known me best throughout my life say, that I would never fit into normal society…. And I have to say that they were correct, and that I’m glad I didn’t… and don’t to this day… Everyone in my family knows I am the proverbial black sheep… And I have often questioned whether I have the same parents as my brothers and sister… But deep inside I know that I do…

So… I also have to say that I have a mixed bag of feelings and emotions about ‘my life.’ To say that I am deeply thankful to God for my life would be an extreme understatement… Most of my life experiences have been very fulfilling, beautiful, and wonderful… I’ve had some fantastic close relationships with a few people…I know most people find me very eccentric and difficult to get along with ( although I don’t think people consider me as being mean spirited)….And I think the difficulty in getting along with me is probably because I push people out of their comfort zone, and have always challenged what is ‘normal’…. I think it’s true when I say I like what is beyond normal, & I like the extraordinary, I like the supernatural…even though often uncomfortable, at times I like the unexplained…. I need the adventure of finding out Godly things… And though I’m troubled often both spiritually and physically, I pursue the struggle between good and evil… Because I believe it is the basis for most everything….ok…. With that as a backdrop about me, let’s continue…

I say with reluctance and fear of being misunderstood that ‘for the most part’ this life in the flesh is a horrible place to be…let me explain…. Being aware of the original intention of God, [and having the firm belief that we are mainly ‘spirits in a body’ ie: Made in the image of God ]… being concerned with the creation and His plan for mankind… And then coming to the awareness that we are in a ‘fallen state’ (with all of the problems that come with ‘it’…especially death), really ruins it for me… Or what I should say, this awareness has had probably an ‘unusually bad effect on me’, as I would imagine it does on alot of folks… Of course I realize that some people live only in the natural, and simply don’t care… On occasion I have wished I could live a more simple life….so

So…Where pray tell am I going with this?…. I guess part of what I wanted to say is that this life seems to be designed for youth and health… Although the middle aged years can be very satisfying, as you hopefully have gained a certain amount of wisdom… But when old age kicks in, & you start feeling it at all slipping away, and it becomes more and more difficult to live in this body and in this life… then you start thinking heavily about what’s after death… and the promises of God…& that this life is not the end but the beginning…so there you have a piece of me……Sincerely, Frank Payton…

Hello it’s me… I’ve thought about you for a long long while…Todd Rundgren…

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