A Complete Fraud…

Here’s how stupid Michelle ( Michael) Obama thinks the average American is…. Have you seen her recent campaign ad for the democrats and Joe Biden?….

The ad is a full faced close up of Mikey with HIS / HER / IT’S…. wonderful make up on, that does make her appear as a beautiful woman [ She’s not my idea of beautiful, by the way]….( I was thinking how that ‘duality’ must have really got Barack Obama ‘off’ in their relationship…. he ( Barry) gets a double dose of humanity, ie: a man that looks like a woman)…. When in reality they’re both just two “gay wads”…

So let’s move ahead, as sickening as it is….Michael says….”It’s really very simple, You can vote for Joe and Kamala…. or vote for Trump and have 4 more years of ‘THIS’…

Well Michelle, I wish I could interview you from that point in your campaign ad ( Symbolically, Verbally…I would toss you around like an old rag doll)… I mean I know you look lovely and glamorous and that your “BECOMING” whatever you’re sick imagination has convinced you, that you are… See, I know that you can fool most of the idiot democrats with just your tone and smile… I see you for the ugly hooved beast that you are…

So back to the interview…. “What a cop out”, I would say to you…. over simplifying and trying to negate everything that Donald Trump has done for this country; including clean up the mess from you and your sloppy ass husband ( And recklessly referring to it as THIS)…. Truth is for 8 years you sold America out to the highest bidder to line your own filthy pockets….

I doubt it would be very interesting to hear your lies about what you think ‘THIS’ IS AND MEANS… Because it would be a big pack of lies… So let me help you out a little bit… see if you can squeeze this into your warped mind… Among other things too lengthy to mention…’THIS’ … Referring to Donald Trump’s 1st 4 years ‘IS’… Donald Trump being responsible for one of the best economic recoveries through his leadership in American history…. Lowest black unemployment rate and new opportunities for black people in general…. Deregulation that was strangling businesses across-the-board…. Important leadership by Donald in the Middle East, having the guts to acknowledge Jerusalem as The Capital of Israel…. and finally moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem…. Nobody else had the balls to do it….. So as I mentioned at the beginning…Is THIS….the ‘THIS’ you are referring to?….. You half baked, sorry excuse for a human being….littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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