Better yet … The fart heard round the world … I mean we can look at it this way … Rudy was frustrated with the representatives yammering on & on … And Rudy was just waiting to make his point and by golly he did … He put an exclamation point at the end of his comments with an emphatic fart … Time perfectly … controlled and measured … Now what would have made Rudy’s fart even more popular than it was … would have been if the young lady sitting to his right would have quickly held up a sign that said: “Phew, that was Broccoli and cheese … loaded with Frank’s hot sauce.”… It was later reported by the young lady ( Jenna Ellis) that as they were walking away from the table at the end of the meeting … she was walking behind Rudy and noticed a brown ‘Hershey’s kiss sized’ chocolate stain on Rudy’s pants …

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