TO ME …We must try and capture and savor and become super aware in every fleeting moment of this life … Absorb, the casual seemingly unconcerned passers-by, going about their lives and shooting at us their subtle smiles of approval or disapproval … Liking or disliking of us appear in their expressions … Feel the flesh parade of life as you wade into it …

IF THE experience you are having is pleasant, try to slow down time by deep breathing and being as still as possible and soak up the quiet and calm … Dwelling in the presence of silence you can hear everything … Move to the next moment … Reach out and touch someone very slowly but with the intent of allowing your electricity to gently show them that you are extremely alive and aware … littleraventhepoet.blog … Frank Payton.

I SEE YOUR HAIR IS BURNING … HILLS ARE FILLED WITH FIRE … if they say I never loved you …You know they are a liar … Jim Morrison … & The Doors Of Perception … Topless bars, taxi cars … Never saw a woman so alone … so alone … LA Woman …

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