I’m OUT … And returning to the dating scene after about 5 years of prison and 7 years of mental evaluation, observation, and treatment by the Jack Nicholson Research Center for The Deranged And Mentally Hopeless … [ smirk ] …

My name is Raymond Wayne Druthers … And I’m making an effort to return to society and in particular to the dating scene … So I must tell you, the Jack Nicholson Research Center has given me a fifty-fifty chance of returning to what society calls a “normal life” … And where I come from ( The deep hills of North Carolina … I believe the seventies movie DELIVERANCE was filmed close to my hometown ) “thems’ pretty good odds” … My hometown has put out its share of social misfits and deviants over the years … But for the most part, my Mom and Dad protected me from most of “it” by locking me up in a shed in the back yard whenever I got in trouble, which was quite regular [ I colored in my coloring books until I was 18 ] … The most recent episode got me arrested for taking my then-girlfriend, Delores, on a date to the local Drive-In where we watched Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, and Jeepers Creepers … I must say by the end of the third movie, and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, along with a couple of fat J’s … We both were all blown up and feeling weird …

Anyway … We started driving home after the show … When she stripped all of her clothes off … punched in the mouth for calling her ( accidentally ) another woman’s name …” Petunia, who is Petunia?” … She yelled, I just grinned at her…That’s when she freaked out and tried to strangle me … I was close to driving off the road, so I pulled over, yanked her out of the front seat, and left her outside, naked, about 3 miles from her home … She got home safely as a cop picked her up and took her home … She was pissed … The cops arrested me the next morning … I spent three days in jail … Aunt Eunice bailed me out … I hope they don’t send me back to the Jack Nicholson Research Center … we’ll see … Court date coming up …

So, to end my introduction to this dating site… I will conclude by saying … I like hard liquor and chasing my shots with ice-cold beer… I like hunting after midnight … shooting an animal … preparing it by campfire deep in the woods, then skinny dipping with my best girl … and catching a good night’s romp and sleep in a tent … If you like adventure, we might get along just fine … text me and send pictures to Raymond Wayne Druthers … 471- 666 – 1112 … all for now …close friends call me “Wayner”…. By the way, just to give you a hint ( if you don’t know already ) … as to my personality … Sling Blade is my favorite movie of all time.

I LOVE WOODPECKERS…my dad nicknamed me ” Peckernoggin”
… when I was just two years old … I kind of like it …but people laugh when I tell them my name … I used to get beat up a lot…turns out … the beatings made me meaner and tougher than hell…

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