There are many things about this life on earth that are so beautiful … But unfortunately, everything and everyone including my self is slowly dying … I’ve learned to rewind and press the slow-motion button … So that I can check for anything I might have missed in the days that I’ve already lived …

I know one thing for sure … The next time that I have to put a dog down … I am going to ask if I can lay down beside my friend and receive the dose of death along with him/her so that we can ascend to heaven together … I would much rather be the one leaving than the one staying … I have found very little to be more painful …

Enjoy that deep breath of nice crisp autumn air … That cold glass of summer tea … A warm kiss from your loving mate … Loving your son more deeply than your father was able to love you…That sleigh ride with loved ones through the first snow of winter … Your animals loving you unconditionally … realizing their love may be the closest you get to experience the love of God this side of life … Enjoy all of these things and more … Because the next time you experience one of them might be your last …

In memory of Maddie … pictured below … above is Princess
See you in heaven, my love …

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