In one sense this question is easy to answer, Such as this … Several people are gathered around when having conversation and speaking of “lines of work.” One might say I’m “in” construction. Another might say, I’m “in” medicine, or Leisure Travel, or whatever. You get my point.

Answering this question in a “spiritual sense” is quite another matter, and many people might be left clueless as to how to answer it; or even what the intent of the question is.

In my humble opinion, experience and education, “we” have made things far more complicated than need be. I am sure if you think about what I am putting forth, you might not be one of those that says I am over simplifying a complicated matter.

Starting with some very elementary basics, whether you want to acknowledge they exist or not. We, humans, are caught up in a battle between a God of life and a created rebel Cherub of death, namely, Satan. God simply conveys that we, as humans, are either one of ‘His’, or one of Satans. There are dire eternal consequences as to who we line up, believe in, worship and serve. If we line up or are ” in” with Christ and the Judean Christian God of The Bible, then God says we have His ‘spirit of life’ dwelling in us. On the other hand, if we are ” in” Satan we are partakers of his spirit of death. There is no in-between. So I hope this gives all a better perspective as we look around at what is taking place in this world; concerning governments, cultures, wars, powers, and economics … on all the things that make up this shadow of life on earth.

The devil’s hand is obvious … Big problems arise when we call good evil and evil good … it’s very confusing to people that don’t know what’s really going on in this world. Then again, a lot of people don’t worry about such things and they ate content with living their life in the flesh, and participating in the deception/ drudgery, that this death planet offers as survival of the fittest. Also they boldly put forth as like we have no other options, what an insult to God. There is still time to wake up, but not much. Symbolically speaking the time is now 11:59. If none of this interests you whatsoever, all I can say is, sleep on sweet Charlotte. Open spiritual eyes and it’s easy to see both by language and conduct, who is “in” who. It’s easy with spiritual, discerning eyes, not so easy without them.

Giant squirrel running down a tree.

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