Pseudo Realism

Remember : “Mostly peaceful riots” of the recent past … A reporter standing out front while everything is on fire behind him …

Everybody that has the ability to see and hear, knows that we are being lied to by the democratic Biden administration and the media at large …

“Extraordinary Success”, is the song-and-dance that we must listen to from the democratic controlled media and the Biden administration concerning Afghanistan … All administrations compressed together for the last twenty years equal 20 years of lies…

It seems to me that the reality of life and war and anything for that matter, must be interpreted through the democratic parties PSEUDO – REALISM … And if the people, the general public, do not agree with the lie put forth … In fact, whoever does not agree with the spin are castrated, figuratively speaking … “False narratives” being believed by Americans in general, is a major problem … “We” need to wake up … What happened to our ability to discern? Lawlessness is a cancer, it’s spreading everywhere …

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