So who are the likely puppeteers? … Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, The Clintons, Susan Rice, George Soros, General Milley, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, some in the Bush family, The “squad” of five wreaking havoc in Congress, The “Talking Snake Media, including but not limited to, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, WSJ, BLM, ANTIFA, AND OTHERS?

The jig is up! … 12,000 Haitians under a Texas bridge, Americans and others still left in Afghanistan … Switching gears … “Have we realized that Islam is a political ideology of conquest and governing?” … Originally called the “Barbery Powers”… “Modern-day radical Muslims” … Joe Biden and company are in bed with them … Barack Obama promoted the whole radical Muslim party … We better wake up folks, because American national identity and security are necessary, or we will be absorbed into the global nightmare … If you are of a spiritual mind and you do not see the global agenda as Satanic, then I’m not quite sure what to say to you, good luck … Frank … A voice in the expanding wilderness … The problem with the Biden administration is that they are experts at justifying critical mistakes concerning America’s future … No one is accountable, seems the Dems slogan is ” IT’S ALL GOOD” WELL IS IT REALLY? … Sometimes it seems we are all lambs being led to the slaughter and half of us are going willingly … The Democratic Party does not care about Guatemalans or Haitians or Mexicans or any other peoples … They ( Dems) see illegals as the future of the Democratic Party, at any ‘other parties or peoples expense’ … Wake up friends … “Transforming politics into a ‘one-party system’ (which will be Authoritarian) is Joe Biden and company’s main goal … Isn’t this obvious?… We had better start calling Marxists, “marxism”… radical Muslims, terrorists, we must acknowledge the Communist infiltration, and the Jihadists goals of holy war, Caliphate, Sharia law, etc. … God predicted this would happen, and it seems as if alot of us in America are in denial, what is it going to take?

One last question for the masses… When will Americans be allowed to see the “bill” for the cost of the Covid vaccines and boosters? … Does anyone really believe they are free? … The American taxpayer is going to pay for vaccines in some form or fashion … signing off for now … littleraventhepoet.blog…

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