Continued, continued, ( did I say ongoing) inconsistent, irresponsible, so called leadership from the Biden Administration. If I put these words above in Street language (there isn’t a dictionary known to man that would contain the new cuss words I would create.) you would be extremely offended by the dramatic words I would use. I hear someone saying “What do you mean Frankie?”

Here’s exactly what I mean, concerning this “Omicron variant” and the Rules of Engagement with covid virus and vaccine in general. I’m all for health and safety, but how long will we allow the government to abuse us with fear tactics? I’ve got news for everyone, if the Democratic party did not have racism and Covid, they would have absolutely nothing, except their foul asses stinking up the place. Why is there no Southern border control? … masses from all over the world coming in, bringing in God-knows-what, there are no mask mandates for them, but by God, you citizens better mask up again, and you better mask up inside, and you better mask up when you’re sitting on the toilet pinching a loaf, getting ready to wipe your ass. I will tell you what Joe Biden’s popularity rating should really be …” a big fat freaking 0.” The only list that is realistic about the Biden administration, is the one that shows everything that Joe Biden does is against America and Americans. Don’t worry, no lockdowns are planned as of yet, but tomorrow is another day, and the “fish will flop once again.” Frankie The Earthman.

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