I’m lying here trying to rest in between the ‘word deluge’ that is upon me. All of a sudden, an unknown woman and a face appear, yammering, shaking her finger at me, as I’m in a semi-conscious state. The woman is right in front of me, and she says to me, “You know, sometimes people don’t say what’s on their mind.” She went on to say, “My husband is always yelling at me, always harassing me about something, and I guess I had a Freudian slip of sorts, but one day, I said to him, you know if you keep yelling at me and harassing me, I’m going to kill you, and hide you in a wall.” That was it, really short and sweet, visions, what to make of them? I might as well sit up because it seems I can’t rest, I have a political post in my head, that is gonna end up being 3 parts, a poetry piece, and this post, so I might as well get up and get to work on them. Frankie The Earthman.

Princess Aja, my orange Goblin.

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