Looking back to the almost exact day/date in 2021, which was from around December 18th to December 21st when my health crisis began; what I went through ( not to mention what my precious wife and son endured ) was amazing, yet very serious and at times terrifying.

The memories about my cardiovascular team of five come haunting me. A long story short, I developed endocarditis, which destroyed my tricuspid heart valve. This whole debacle started with an infected broken tooth in my mouth. I did not know it was infected as there was no pain, redness, or swelling. I ended up in Winchester Medical Center for approximately 28 days. Around December 18th, I came home in the evening and began to have flu like symptoms. On this night or one shortly thereafter, my blood sugar dropped to 39. It dropped to 39 because I had what I thought was the flu, but later learned was a blood infection from the tooth. Anyway, not knowing my blood sugar was already low, I took my shot as I am a type 2 diabetic. I am on a mild dose of Lantus. I soon passed out and was off to the hospital.

I mentioned earlier that the experience with my cardiovascular team had been haunting me as the one year anniversary is upon me.

I had a very bad experience with the 5 cardiovascular geniuses. The one that ended up being slated to perform my tricuspid valve replacement ( which I did not allow, I switched to another highly recommended surgeon at Inova, Fairfax,Va.) asked if I was, then basically accused me of being an intervenus drug user in my youth.” I told this man on some 5 different occasions that I had done a lot of things, as I was a product of the seventies and eighties, but I never stuck a needle in my arm. He just didn’t believe me, and I remember telling him ” Look, doctor, my life is on the line. Had I been a user of needles, I would surely tell you. This still wasn’t good enough for this moron.

I was so pissed off that I left the hospital without the hispitals approval. After one day, I decided to me back as I had to have the super antibiotic that I was on. During this time, of going back, I rounded up all 5 doctors into my room and sorted them out. My basic problem was that they were telling me one thing one day, and another thing the next. This went on for several days. Then I heard two nurses yelling at each other in the hallway, The conversation went something like this: “You know what the problem is around here?, the problem is that we don’t have the right answers.” This blew my mind. Because I had sorted the 5 doctors out, they became angry with me and sent a psychologist in to talk to and evaluate me. I had a wonderful conversation with this man, and he gave me a wonderful thumbs-up evaluation of my mental health. I learned that he told them I was perfectly fine.

I think this made the good old boys more angry. To add to the memories of this horrible experience. I was having a drug reaction to one of the drugs I was on. I was living in two worlds in deep, detailed hallucinations. I had my neighbor as being assassinated and the FBI doing CSI type investigation in his backyard. I had President Biden visiting in my house. I had strange people coming on to my property, one of them being my son at a future age of about 40 years old. I asked the men that were appearing around the house, “Why are you people here?” They went on to tell me that they were concerned that I was going to die, and they wanted to help me. If I reached out to try and touch one of them, they would disappear. My son had to eventually tell me that all these things I was recounting and telling him and my wife simply didn’t happen. I was basically tripping for 28 days, off and on. Perhaps I will tell more about this at a later date. Frankie The Earthman. P.S. I had a very successful pig valve installed on May 24th, 2022.

Some of my hallucinations were really bizarre

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