It is long past time for a reality check for us here on planet Earth. Sometimes, I wonder why I bother. Apathy is everywhere. People “in general” are overwhelmed with living this life. It is understandable, but will get us nowhere.

In this post, I will use the termwe” to implicate an ever increasing percentage of the world’s population. In other words, if the shoe fits, wear it. I realize there are many that understand what is really going on in the spiritual realm and are soldiers for God, but this is not the trend.

There is a long standing saying that either we’ are for God or against him. I sincerely believe that if people are honest, they know in their hearts, if they are for God or against him. It will most assuredly be obvious and evident in the conduct of their lives. It will also be evident in their worldview and belief systems. It will be evident in their language. It will be evident in all aspects of their lives.

Let me get to my main point. It seems to me that if we have any level of awareness about what is going on in this world, we can easily understand that “we” are the problem. What is our problem? Human nature is a peculiar thing. It is very hard to understand sometimes. We can not solve for X if we do not know what X is. X is the deprived human heart. X is our inability to realize the spiritual nature of our being. X is the dark heart of humanity. X is the realization and admittance that ‘we’ are natural born killers. How much history do ‘we’ need to understand this? X is the realization that our own government is trying to run our wagons over the cliff. X is the realization that the government is nowhere close to being qualified to be God. X is understanding the fulfillment of prophecies concerning Israel and America.

Shifting gears: Animals kill out of instinct. Human beings actually scheme and plan their vicious killings. Instead of using our science mainly for the improvement of humanity, we have used knowledge for its destruction. I will tell you something that you probably are not aware of. This current spirit of lawlessness in the world has long been prophecied. There has always been an ongoing struggle between good and evil. The two main players in the struggle are God and Satan. Humanity is caught in the middle of the struggle. ( Spending eternity with or without God is the consequence of our choices) Death was not part of the original plan for mankind. It was allowed, and it’s defeat masterfully thought out by God YHWH. We are coming quickly upon the end of an age. People like to use the phrase “end of the world.” This phrase is somewhat of a mystery. The world is going to go through a great TRIBULATION, and much of it will be destroyed, and millions will die. Jumping ahead a little bit, there will be a new heaven and a new Earth eventually. Many things have to play out before that happens. This is all for now, Frankie The Earthman.

Ice storm

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