Joe recently said, ” I take classified documents seriously.”

What should be translated from this comment is this : ” I take classified documents seriously, especially now that they have been found in two locations and ‘could be found’ in God knows how many other locations.”

I mean, really folks, considering what a dunderhead Joe Biden is and his nonstop lying and neglect of all things concerning America’s national security; Joe could have left a trail across many parts of America, as he was Vice president and well traveled.

One of the weakest statements since the Hillary Clinton classified document debacle was when Joe said, ” The classified documents were in a locked closet next to my Corvette.”

The translation from this statement might as well be, “Come on, man, my classified documents ( concerning Iran, China and other known enemies of the U.S.) are locked up with my Playboy magazines and comic books, next to my corvettes, so the documents are safe.” I keep my condoms safely in there also.”

Folks, if you’re not aware of this, I’m here to tell you that our executive, judicial, and legislative bodies of government are swirling down the toilet. What Attorney General Garland decides to do about this situation is critical and puts us at the crossroads of political chaos. Look what was done to Trump with the Mar – a – lago raid. It’s past time for the Biden ‘crime family’ to be brought down. America has suffered enough under the elitist Biden criminals. Frankie The Earthman.

I’m licking my chops for the downfall of Creepy Joe.

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