CONCERNING “THE COVID- 19 EXPERIMENT.” I SAY that eventually truth will be revealed about what really happened with the covid-19 experiment .

I believe the truth and ill intent about Covid 19 is slowly being discovered. I wholeheartedly contend that the Covid virus was to see how much control could be exercised over the American people (and the world). The perpetrators of this Covid crime are China and many elected officials in the American government.

My personal belief ( like many others) is that Covid 19 19 was manufactured and engineered in Wuhan China.

I believe parts of our government were complicit in this experiment. I believe Anthony Fauci is a nazi and gave millions to China to engineer the Covid virus. He received many more millions for his complicity. I believe people like Bill Gates had a say in this Covid experiment. I believe Bill Gates is a “population control freak.”

Some reports are starting to come out about healthy young men dying sudden deaths. Other reports are low sperm counts in young men. So the question has to be: Was all of this planned and engineered into the virus? Time will hopefully tell.

Leonard Cohen wrote many years ago, ” I’ve seen the future, and it is murder.

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