Boiling down our current, ever increasing, cancerous society, culture, and world.

Our government, once a shining example of what a Constitutional Republic can be, including a hedge of national protection by God himself, has corrupted itself into an oligarchy. Our Senate and Congress are corrupted by radical extreme far left progressives, who worry about gas stove usage, its effect on the environment, instead of doing something about our out of control Southern border crisis which includes enough fentanyl coming in to United States to kill every American. We have a president in Joe Biden, who thinks it’s OK to store classified documents in his locked garage with his precious Corvette, and believes that makes it all OK. Without going into it, we have a president who has turned our nation into an extreme national security risk. ( i.e., depleting our emergency oil reserve ) We have a two-tier legal justice system in the DOJ, FBI (and a somewhat corrupted Supreme Court). Compare the handling of the Trump Mar – a – lago FBI raid to the way the attorney General, M. Garland, the FBI, DOJ, and media are handling Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. It is warped and corrupt.

We have a military that is compromised and weak. Meanwhile, China has a master plan to be the new world leader, and the Chinese seem to have the ability to steal/buy whatever they want from the United States, including critical technologies and land.

We have a totally corrupt educational system in America. Through the socialistic communistic agenda, we have school systems, teachers, and leaders that believe our children belong to them and that parents arejust in the way” in bringing them up.

We have “Big pharma,” “Big tech,” and social media platforms, thinking they can rule the world. We have Cancel Culture, Black Lives Matter, corrupt Tik Tok (with one of its latest mad trends in revenge quitting of jobs.”) Perhaps Elon Musk can have a big impact on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the rest. It remains to be seen.

The United States has, in large part, lost respect around the world as a leader. We have Iran, North Korea, the Soviet Union, and China, all seeking to destroy us. Again, we have “Holy War” jihadists, Communists, and an encroaching agenda 2030, plotting America’s downfall in our Congress and Senate. Again, we are being invaded on our southern border. God knows what price will have to be paid in the future for this neglect. Most of this has occurred because of a greedy, power-hungry Democrat party that wants to be God and turn the United States into China. The Republicans are almost as warped as the democrats. Crime is rampant in most of our major cities. Very few seem to really care. Friends, I am here to tell you that lawlessness and chaos are everywhere, and the TRIBULATION is coming. My scorecard says some 50% of America needs to wake up to the fact that the Democrat global agenda is to sell out and destroy the American way of life. Written by Frankie The Earthman.

“On your mark, get ready, pow!” Get back in the race America. We must relearn how to compete and excel.

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