Have you ever noticed that there is little to no mention ( in the media) concerning Biblical prophecy as it relates to politics, world end time events, and the like ? IMHO, this does’nt happen because it would be despised and hated by a large portion of the population. I believe it would be ridiculed and torn apart. We live in a post-modern society. Absolute truth is not acknowledged, believed in, or desired. It seems a big part of the population of this country loves chaos and lawlessness. A country without laws can not survive. Know this, my friends, mankind in our ‘fallen state’, our rebellion against God, run headlong and tend towards evil, ( though good does occur) it can’t be stopped without the intervention of God. It is prophesied that we are bound and determined to destroy and murder each other. The end of the age is coming, and evil will be destroyed. However, it’s gonna be a very bloody and painful process. Ready or not, the Tribulation Period is coming. REAL ANSWERS, ARE IN LARGE PART NOT DESIRED BY THE MEDIA, POLITICIANS OR LEADERS, ONLY HYPE, FEAR, POWER AND CONTROL ARE SOUGHT. Just sayin’ , Frankie The Earthman.

My orange goblin, Aja, there is a great pleasure in the wrongly perceived, so-called ‘small things of life.’

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