Failing your way to success is the radical progressive, ‘regressive’ democratic way. Examples: Kamala Harris, “Pot Hole” Pete Buttigieg, Judge ALVIN ( I wanna be governor, and don’t really need to win a conviction on Trump) Bragg.

Friends, it’s time to get “righteously angry, turn the money tables over in the temple .” THINK ON THIS: WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE REAL LEADERS, the elected officials are supposed to serve us! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?

Nay sayers, unbelievers, WHAT IS YOUR GO TO PLAN WHEN IN EXTREME DANGER? Don’t hold it against the christian when he/she says pray, vote, stand, and God will help. CONSERVATIVES HAVE TO CLAIM THEIR IDENTITY AS leaders, who is going to lead … the “WOKE” ZOMBIES? … JOE BIDEN? The only thing Joe Biden will lead you to is a brown communist uniform with a number on it and a job in a China owned American rice field. Frankie The Earthman.

Insert Donald Trumps face, come on 2024!

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