What does Orwellian mean in slang? It denotes an attitude and brutal policy of draconian control by propaganda, surveillance, disinformation, denial of truth, ( doublethink) and manipulation of the past, including the ” unperson” a person whose past atrocity is idealized from the public record and memory, practiced by modern regressive governments. People also ask, “What is or Orwellian Mental Concept?” Orwell’s doublethink definition is ‘reality’ control.

Do we realize that the media is the right arm of the Democrat party? Do we understand that most of the media is complicit in the destruction of America? We could very well ask, What is in it for them? ” Maybe that is the wrong question. Maybe the comment should be made that ‘they’ are God haters and haters of freedom and the Constitution. They are control freaks, and they have to be in power at the risk of destroying everyone and a country, if need be. They are the spirit of Apollyon. They are the accusers, the Liars, the seed of Satan. The bigger picture, the greater observation should be this, why all the rebellion in a free country, like the United States? I want people to see the spiritual implications. I want people to go back and see the origins of rebellion in Genesis. Satan was not happy with being number two in power, so look at the actions of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party. ( Guided and consumed by The Trump derangement syndrome) They think they have all the answers, and if you don’t comply, they will destroy you. This is total rebellion and Satanic in nature. Having said that, I realize that most people are not “spiritually minded” and are like sheep ready for the slaughter. All for now, Frankie The Earthman. Visit– littleraventhepoet.blog for a study in Revelation, and what is coming. Frankie The Earthman.

Americas’ house is burning, down down, down down … Jimi Hendrix, modified.

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