Writing for me, it’s a very peculiar expression of my being. It seems necessary. I’m not looking for approval, understanding, or agreement. I guess I don’t want to be all alone with with ‘it’ sometimes. I don’t really need to explain, but I will try.

Sometimes, it feels as if an antenna goes up, and I just start receiving words, stories, or ideas. I sense a need to formulate them. In my young life, it started out as poetry. In my mid to older life, it became short stories, political satire, Biblical studies, spoofs, and miscellaneous other. Lately, I often write in the Spirit. Sometimes, I write in the flesh. This apparent discrepancy or conflict is evidence of the ongoing struggle between my old man and my new man. This expression of an ‘old and new man’ is a result of my salvation experience in 1981. QUITE OFTEN, I am going along in my day, and it feels as if a divine presence or the Holy Spirit, comes up beside me, taps me on the shoulder, and whispers in my ear. It sounds like I’m saying it’s an audible whisper, but it’s more like words arriving in my head. I then choose to “go for the ride,” so to speak. ( It sometimes feels like Automatic Writing. ) So, here is some insight into my experience, blessing, and bane. Frankie The Earthman. Visit my blog — littleraventhepoet.blog for more.

Life is often “tied up and twisted.” Dave Mathews Band. “Crash into me.” Photo ( by Frankie) on the Appalachian Trail near Skyline Drive, Va.

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