“The preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” These are three rights given to humans by God in the (Declaration Of Independence), that are rightly considered to be inalienable. Government’s main function is to protect these rights. So where did we go wrong. Where did all the governmental BS come from?

As a race created by God for His pleasure, we “went wrong” originally in the garden of Eden, and although the evil that brought about this fall has been dealt with in a spiritual sense, it has not been claimed by most humans who simply aren’t aware of what has happened, what is happening, and what is yet to happen. The study of eschatology or “end time events” has provided the answers needed. The problem is the Holy answers, though recognized as needed, if not heeded, might as well be gold that has been buried that no one can find. It is useless. The words and wisdom of any literature are completely useless if not read and understood, then implemented.

So what’s wrong in America/the world today? A lot of the problems are directly related to the darkness of the human heart. Generally speaking, “we” are self serving, self absorbed, self infatuated, and self fulfilling. How many “selfies” are taken and shot around the world every day? … I have often shared with new Christians that one of the biggest challenges they will face will be overcoming their “old nature” which is all about self. After all wasn’t this Satan’s downfall? … Satan, not content with being “created the perfect pattern” by God … him, the super angelic creation that he was and then making more of himself than he should have. Isn’t that a lot of us in a nutshell? The pride of life.

For instance, the pride and selfishness that is now seen in our American government. The government thinking it can be “God” to the people. It seems evident to me that everything our government touches is brought to ruin. If we give them $10 in taxes they turn it into $1000 of debt. Then they ask for more. Through the defeating beliefs of the regressive left, they want to (punish people who have found success; earned themselves to be at the top of the heap as far as earnings) … Then take a good portion of their success and distribute it among the masses. All under the guise of equality. Well, I am sorry to inform the masses that though we are created equal we do not perform equally. We are not all the same and it would be a disaster if we were. The state running everything, suppressing the people, oppressing the people, is what holds and keeps a country down, any country. Why anyone other than the mentally ill or demon-possessed, would want to turn this country from our foundational success of capitalism to marxism and communism is a bridge way too far for me to ever cross.

So … We get back to where did we go wrong? and why our federal leadership is currently wrong. When “We the people” in a Republican Democracy duly elect officials to represent us, we expect to be accurately represented. Think of the injustices of these elected officials thinking of themselves as the elite of the race. The gall of some of them, we are paying them to defeat us. I sincerely think the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kamala “Herod” Harris, Chuck “Schroomer” Schumer, and many others simply view the masses as cattle. If the cattle don’t want to get with the radical agenda, they can be disposed of. After all, in their elitist mindset, we were put on this earth to serve them. Screw that and them.

Government Headquarters

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