This outline is gleaned from Jonathan Cahn’s prophetic look at ancient Israel’s decline/history compared to America’s recent judgment, beginning with 9/11: Reference, THE HARBINGER 2: Jonathsn Cahn, chapter 17.

The first harbinger to manifest in ancient Israel: “The breach”... In the year 732 B.C., God lifted His hedge of protection. An enemy was allowed to strike the land. The strike brought destruction, a destruction that was limited in its scope and duration. But it was enough to shake the nation. It was the wake-up call to a civilization that had grown so hardened and deafened to the call of God that nothing else would get through to it. It was a warning and a call to return. The first harbinger to manifest in America:The breach” manifested on American soil on September 11th, 2001, when America’s hedge of protection was lifted. “The enemy was allowed to strike the land in the form of 19 hijackers. The strike brought destruction in New York and Washington, DC. And yet it was limited in its scope and duration. But it shook the nation. 911 was a wake-up call to an America that had grown so hardened and deafened to God’s voice that only such an event would get through. And 911 was a warning to America and the call to return.”

The second harbinger in Israel: “The terrorist.” This attack was carried out by the soldiers of the Assyrian Empire. The Assyrians were the world’s first terrorists. The second harbinger was the sign of the terrorist. The second harbinger in America: “, The sign of the terrorist appeared on American soil on 911. The Arabs being the spiritual children of the Assyrians, carried out the attack. Note: The Assyrians communicated in Akkadian, Arabic is the closest to the Akkadian language. After the first two harbingers in both Israel and the U.S., things appeared to be back to normal, but they weren’t. After the warnings had come to both Israel and the United States, a reprieve, a window of time, a chance to change was given. Both nations in their respective times refused to heed the warning and responded with actions and words of defiance … Isaiah 9:10 records their responses … The bricks have fallen down , but we will rebuild with hewn stones; The sycamores are cut down, but we will replace them with cedars.” What does this mean?… it means that neither nation would be humbled, they wouldn’t repent.This was the defiance by both nations.

The third harbinger in Israel and America: “The bricks have fallen down.” Both the ancient Assyrian attack and the modern attack of 9/11 involved the falling down of bricks. The attack of 911 specifically involved the fall of walls and buildings … Stay tuned for the 4th through 6th harbingers in my soon coming post … Frank…

Note: The effort on my part, is intended for those people who cannot or will not pursue this vital information on their own … Hats off to Jonathan Chan…

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