Self-analysis ( An introduction anyway) … Starting in my teenage years but really in my early twenties, I began to enjoy writing and eventually pursued the study of scholarly works on subjects and people, I found extreme interest in …

My journey, and what I believe to be THE divine influence, led me to the study of World Religions, focusing on “Why people believe in this, that, or other “religions” ( religion being what I call rules of ‘do’s and don’t that if obeyed make someone fit to be accepted by God) [ I believe this whole “GOD THING” confusion to some, revolves around us not seeing that God wants relationship above sets of rules], interests including why some people are atheists, some are zealots, and many go to radical extremes, ie: Jim Jones and many others.

Anyway the above being a limited insight into my mental activity occurring for most of my life; I want to mention where I’ve arrived (to my pleasant liking, comfort, and surprise.)

Due to many things, including health issues, aging in general, yet still having a lust for life in many ways, I find myself most satisfied in some of the very simplest things of life … A smile on my sons face, a text from my daughter or an old friend, learning to better communicate with my Japanese wife.

Further, “The wagging of “my” dogs tail especially, but any dog really; their unfailing unconditional love captivating and soothing my soul”… Reminding me that there is some hope for the human race … Seems to me, “we” should have incorporated somehow, the best attributes God put in dogs, to ourselves … but that would be too simple … Anyway somehow I believe that maybe my mental makeup is more common than peculiar, especially in this day and age, when a lot of people seem to be searching for the simpler things in life … Deep breaths slowly ... Frank …

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