Well, on day one of extreme heat with no A/ C, our two parakeets figured out a way to hang themselves in their little cage, and eventually, their heads fell off … (I know this is a little bit weird, but my grandmother and grandfather ( moms side) who were in their nineties when they died) were taken to a taxidermist and we had them gutted and stuffed … we had them standing up in corner of our living room … Well, on day two of the extreme heat they both completely melted leaving a pile of clothing and bones mixed up with wax and other chemicals …Very problematic and alarming to say the least … We will miss talking with them … We had a friend install prerecorded answers in a sound device in each of them & their lips actually moved when answering questions … My family thought that this was not only a great idea, but a great conversation piece when we had friends over … It finally dawned on us as to why people were leaving just after we showed them grandma and grandpa [ all of my family eager to hear what questions our guests would ask grandpa and grandma ] as we showed them through the house … We just didn’t see what the big problem was … Looking back … I think I understand what a big influence the Adams Family TV show and movies had on me in my youth… On day three, our cat’s eyes melted … Off to the taxidermist we go again … It’s supposed to cool off tomorrow … Frank

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