20 years gone by … Did we heed the warning of 9/ 11? … Was this a warning from the God of our founding fathers? YHWH … Do we think that God winks at 62 million babies aborted since 1973 and Roe vs Wade? … WE ARE IN JUDGEMENT, YET REMEMBER DEUTERONOMY, ” If my people will turn back to me.” Look it up for yourself ...

Are we so comfortable in our fine homes … our fine cars, our food … educations, etc … Our illusion that our little worlds are (made out of gold and we can’t be sold) [J. Hendrix] … Our illusions, that everything is gonna be just fine and dandy, business as usual? … After all we are ‘Americans’ … We are privileged …Has our privilege and success exposed our “soft pink underbelllies?”

LISTEN TO ME! … When are we gonna realize that our situation is dire? … When are we gonna realize that world countries are being positioned for the coming ‘tribulation’ … And America’s role is certainly unclear according to scripture … Israel’s role is much clearer and 2/3 of Israel’s people will be killed in the ‘tribulation’ where does that leave the United States? … Study scripture … I’m not going to quote it for you here … We need to understand that if you want to keep your proverbial head on your shoulders, you better figure out what’s coming … It’s Daniel’s 70th week … It’s all prophesied … If that’s not enough for you, read The Parable Of The Fig Tree in Matthew … I’ll give you a spark that might challenge you to read the story … God’s word says that “this generation” that we are living in right now, will not pass away until the tribulation, the rapture, and the 2nd coming of Christ be fulfilled … If you don’t understand this terminology, you better start studying or the boom is gonna be lowered on you, and you’re gonna be running around the streets, like they were on 911, (on fire with gasoline on your skin figuratively speaking) and smoke in your nose and eyes … And worse … So don’t you dare call me a prophet of doom … You might call God a prophet of doom, if you dare to, because it’s His word, not mine …

I’m going to spell it out for you,because most of America is dull and apathetic about the current crisis … Are we even remotely aware that we are in the middle of a holy war? … Do we understand the commitment of these radical Muslim terrorists? … Do we understand the complications of those inflicting the Communist manifesto on America for the last 75 to a 100 years? … Do we understand their intent? … Do we understand the plan of Barack Obama? … Do we understand the furthering of Barack Obama’s agenda? … Do you know what agenda 2030 is? … Do you know what the battle of Armageddon is? … Do you know about Russia invading Jerusalem and Israel in (“The Valley of Megiddo” most likely) where the blood is up to the horses bridles … Do you know of any of these things? … More importantly do you care to know about any of these things? … Things are not OK … Do you have any awareness of spiritual things at all? … I’m sure the fine people of New York woke up 20 years ago on 911 thinking it was just gonna be another day, well we all know the story… It has been reported that since our failure in Afghanistan America and is 70 to 80% more likely (in the not too distant future) to have another attack, just like 911 or worse … Everything is not OK … Barack Obama and Joe Biden sold us out … ‘Our’ ( America’s) warning came on 911 and we have not heeded it … Do we think that Jesus Christ at His 2nd coming will come as a lamb again?… I have news for you, He will come as a lion … God’s Ari’el … THE LION OF God ... Out of his mouth will flash a “two-edged sword” which is the word of God… And God’s enemies will not be able to stand … Our apathy in America over things like our border crisis … The Covid crisis … The coming inflation in our economy …The threat of China, Iran, N. Korea, etc …

STOP... HALT! Supporting evidence for the madness that is surrounding us … People crossing the border do not have to get vaccinated … U. S postal service workers do not have to get vaccinated ( over 40,000?)… But by God, all of you average white Americans better get vaccinated … And you better get ready for booster shots until they put you in your grave …

So … I am prompted to tell you that this world will not end … But this ‘Age’ will end … Do you have any idea of the spiritual nature of things that are manifesting in the flesh of humans? … Frank …

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