IN OUR UPSIDE DOWN CULTURE WITH vaccines being our latest concocted heinous RELIGION to control the masses; we have to ask, what is the end game? ( DESTROYING ALL THAT DON’T GOOSE-STEP OVER THE CLIFF TO SATISFY THE GOVERNMENT THAT THINKS IT’S GOD)? We also have to ask ourselves (as Americans), what is the real cost of the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill, that just passed in Congress and is going to the president’s desk to be signed into law? … Is the real cost around 4 trillion dollars? Don’t worry about having enough money just ask the government to print you a suitcase full. You will also find that the government has an excellent ‘delivery service’ in either Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or Kamala Harris; actually delivering the money to your front door, so don’t worry you’re pretty little heads. Anybody that has a healthy analytical brain in their head, understands the harm that will come from the passing of this bill. Those of us on the right, can’t wait to watch the “left, including 13 Republicans” and the sickening “victory party” that will take place for God knows how long. How long O Lord, how long? By the way watch the sickening claim of these 13 Republicans, who will run around shouting and screaming about how bipartisan they are … Washington is mostly a cesspool of well-dressed criminals. Here is a thought for those of us that do think: These sick-headed democrats want to save the planet, while at the same time putting forward policies that will bankrupt the average American … So who are we saving the planet for?… I believe it’s for the elitists … People like Joe Biden and his gang of thugs, the nazi Anthony Fauci, ( I believe, by the way, Anthony has a Napoleon complex with further complications due to his small little “Vienna Sausage Weiner” that he’s packing, and his little raisin sized shriveled up nuts) the “weirdo” Bill Gates, etc, the Globalists, the NWO, THE COMING “Economic RESET.”

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