Barack Obama, Joe Biden, both missed their calling; they both could sell hot “Shite sandwiches” on any sidewalk in America, and people would lineup to buy them, but once they took a bite and came out of the zombie state, they would realize they are eating a shite sandwich, then it’s too late, “your teeth are brown, your breath stinks and people avoid you.” Also you have shite under your fingernails that is hard to get rid of (smirk).

I just can’t believe it but then again I can. Barack and ‘Michael’ Obama, at the unveiling of the Joe Biden presidential portrait; actually said, “how lucky America is to have Joe Biden as president.” I was eating my homemade Mcmuffin, egg, bacon and cheese when I choked so bad, that I blew out my right eyeball. Lucky for me, I managed to put it back in and it still works. ( smirk, wink, fart)

So, let me count the ways that we are so blessed to have Joe Biden as president … hmmm … Where should I start, where should I stop? We are so blessed to have an out-of-control inflation rate, crime in virtually every city in the United States, and an open Southern border that allows drugs in enough to kill 300 people a day in our country including children, ( Candy Colored Fenteynal )... An open border, that allows child trafficking, possessing kids to pay off a drug cartel debt; both boys and girls to enter this country … The boys have to bring in drugs and risk their lives … The girls are put in brothels and made to pay off their debt through prostitution and all forms of abuse. We are no longer energy independent but dependent on dealing with the likes of radical Iran, Russia, and other countries. Our Education System is a complete Communist disaster. Once respected institutions like the FBI, DOJ, and *SUPREME COURT (*to an extent) are politicized and weaponized in position for a NWO, GLOBALIST “one-party system that democrats desire.” SEE HOW LUCKY WE ARE?… and I couldn’t believe the audience clapping and applauding this Satanic Snake Charmer who would rival the serpent in the garden of Eden … I have one question for you democrats, you bleeding heart, angry, miserable Trump hating babies: Are you so stupid to want to live in a Socialistic Communist system? Did you pay attention in any of your classes in school? When will you stop whining, get off your asses, off the couch, and off the government’s teet and contribute to society? NEVER, I THINK NEVER. Thanks Barry Sotero, ( Barack O’bummer) for bringing us so much luck and Joe Biden. Sing along with me, I feel lucky oh so lucky, so lucky and ducky, I do …Second verse same as the first.

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