Before anyone votes, ask yourself this: Do you want to live in a country where 1% of the ruling class elite, dictate what the other 99% do, down to the very very day you die? They want to control you from womb to tomb. Have you considered that we are already actually in a police state? Do you realize that the Democrat Party views you as common cattle? Do we realize, ‘all of us white people’, that the dems want us to loathe ourselves for being white? They know that if they can make us feel guilty and loathe ourselves, then we will also loathe this country.

Do we realize that the government wants to separate children from their parents because they view them as belonging to them? I could halfway understand this in the animal kingdom, but I don’t understand it at all, in human beings.

Do we realize that most of the dems do not believe in God? However, most of them do view themselves as God. Do we understand why the dems want to teach and support Transgenderism and the superiority of the LGBTQ belief system? When did 2% of the population dictate what the other 98% should believe and accept, at the same time having no respect for anybody else’s belief system? These are all Nazi, prison camp, Gestapo, Communist, and Marxist, tactics. Now let’s go and take this country back, get out and vote! It We need as “clean a slate” as we can get. Frankie The Earthman.

The textures of life.

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