Thank you both so much for “coming through” for us Americans. Remember the “change” that you spoke of Mr. Obama, back in your campaigning days before your first term in office?

Barack, Joe, & (most Dems) your dictionaries must have totally different meanings than the ones most people use!

For instance: In your campaigning, before your first term in office, you said you were gonna bring about a needed CHANGE in America. Americans just assumed you meant change for the better and the continuation of the American way of life. Turns out nothing could have been further from the truth and it continues under ‘Jojo Biden.’ Personally, if I could tell you to your faces, Barack and Joe; I would tell you both to your fraudulent smiling faces, that you’re two of the most deceptive devils to ever walk this earth. Everything that Donald Trump had going in the right direction you turned upside down, because of your hatred. Because you’re both too little freakazoid men. I bet neither of you can go to the bathroom without playing with your weenies. Looks like the truth is Barack, that you have a “man wife.” Looks like your college education, your birthplace, your time in the Senate, and your presidency were all one big orchestrated fraud against the American people. Looks like you duped us twice. Then you and your freak family rode off into the sunset, still living off the taxpayer’s dime. I don’t know who is worse, you, Joe, or Hillary Clinton. If we add Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a few others to your ‘posse of criminals’ we pretty much have a complete three-ring circus. I’m trying to find one thing that you have done to help people and this country, Oops, sorry, can’t find anything that is of real value. Here’s one thing that, if I could, I would have you think about. Both of you will have to answer to the “One True God.” I hope you both are dressed for a warm climate ( figuratively speaking ), and I hope you both spend eternity looking for a cold glass of water. God loves you both, but I don’t. Frankie The Earthman.

Oh, I almost forgot Joe, there’s no ice cream in hell.

Barack and Joe, are two vampires.

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