Joe Biden, his administration, and his Whitehouse spokes monster woman ( Karine Jean Pierre ) have the LGBTQ +’s back.

The transgender that killed 6 people was killed BECAUSE HE/ SHE/ IT WAS TRANSGENDER. THIS IS FROM THE DEPTHS OF HELL. The LGBTQ’ IS A CULT. They believe that they can change nature. They believe that a man could be a woman and a woman could be a man, and you could be whatever the h*** you want to be. They believe they are God. The wicked sad thing is that our president PEDO JOE Biden ” has their back”, there’s your UNIFICATION PRESIDENT.

Remember this: What is happening now with the destruction and betrayal of America by our own elected government is just the forerunner to the Tribulation Period. If you don’t get this, you soon better. TRANSWOMEN ARE NOT WOMEN. TRANSMEN ARE NOT MEN. IT’S A LIE. Have you asked yourself why LGBTQ+ commity are satanically violent, while conservative God-fearing folk are far less violent? Could it be an evil spirit behind LGBTQ+ agenda? Frankie The Earthman.

Watch your back, If your not a cult member LGBTQ+ supporter you are persecuted and hated. Joe hates you. Pic from Fauquier County High Sckool student in Va.

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