I won’t use God’s word ( as absolutely necessary that I believe It is to humanity’s creation and existence.) WARNING: I mean this post in a righteous anger tone.

I will not use spiritual or christian faith terminology, if that’s possible. I will try to stick to science.

Let’s start with the silly idea that on the earth some 4 to 6 billion years ago, there existed the essential elements for life that miraculously somehow self-assembled. To dispute that, look at the watch on your arm. Did your complex time keeping mechanism somehow round up all the precision parts needed and magically assemble themselves? Does your watch have a creator? This example is called the “mechanical theory.” It doesn’t take any faith. There’s nothing mysterious about it, it is just factual. Consider the sun: Did the life-giving sun pre exist in disarrsy and magically position itself in an orbit that is exactly some 93 million miles away? Did our moon magically appear? Where did the massive quantity of water needed for earths’ function and sustain humanity, come from? Did trees magically figure out how to take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen? What about the insects and bees and pollination without which we would starve to death? Did all of these magically appear? Please don’t use the word Evolution, it is is inadequate and vague.”

What about the reliability and existence of the four seasons? What about the laws of gravity, and electromagnetism,without which the earth would fly off into outer space?

What about the gift of language? What about the miracle of the human body? The human body would be even more miraculous if it weren’t for the fall of man. ( oops, I made a faith regerence)

What about the beauty and vastness of the universe? So, all for now, but consider: If a watch has a creator, certainly the universe has one also. Frankie The Earthman. If you have problems with God, why don’t you quit being an idiot and just talk to Him, He is waiting, but won’t wait forever. Oops I did it again!

Get your fruit from the right tree, THE Tree of Life.

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